Antonio Brown's Working To Bag City Girls' JT


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all right so last year ages Elba was a
sexiest man alive according to People
magazine and this year’s sexiest no man
alive a word goes and I know you think
he’s very sexy too John Legend I was
thinking more me book ahead all right
well congratulations to him he said 1995
John would be very perplexed to be
following 2080 ninjas Elba a sexiest man
alive he’ll 2019 John is about as
equally perplexed but thank you people
for finding me sexy I’ll take it well of
course you know Chrissy Teigen wasn’t
gonna pass up on the jokes and she
actually recorded the kids reactions to
their dad being sexiest man alive here’s
what they said Myles are you so happy
daddy is the sexiest man alive Luna are
you so happy daddy’s the sexiest man
alive it’s kind of wild that you know
they used to clown John Legend for
looking like Arthur the aardvark yep and
now he’s the sexiest man alive
like literally this is like two years
ago dia was calling him Arthur the
aardvark now he’s the sexiest man alive
I think a lot of it has to do with you
know John Legend first of all a great
singer he has a great personality we
love him on social media we love his
relationship with his wife they’re both
really funny I think she helps that also
as far as their interactions with each
other so I could see it he’s really
smart so all of that is very sexy so
congratulations to John Legend Congrats
to him and he’s got an Emmy a Grammy an
Oscar and a Tony I mean you know that
many people have that all right now let
me congratulations to a man for being
the sexiest man alive I can’t you
absolutely I’m talking about it another
man why can’t you I guess I guess it did
if you don’t have a fragile male ego you
can say that there you go would you say
the completeness though congratulations
John Legend on being the sexiest man
how would you let somebody else a
display a congrats man all right and now
let’s talk about power I’ve been I gotta
catch up on power because everywhere
I’ve been going these hotels don’t have
so I haven’t been able to see it but
power is teasing who could have shot
ghosts you know I didn’t even know that
happened you didn’t know but I’m not
paying that behind and not pay attention
because I want to make sure when I watch
it and catch up it’s not you know too
much reveals my dude he just shot you
might be dead
yeah seen a lot of memes I didn’t know
what happened but anyway now they’re
putting out these possible who could
have killed ghost or shot him we don’t
know if he’s dead like you said but J
aka ro Timmy it could potentially be him
and here’s a trailer in case it is got
the framing the murder trusted people
I’m never making that mistake again or
could also be councilman Tate aka Larenz
Tate he could have potentially been the
one that did it as well and here’s how
that went
I’m not about to lose my career because
of James st. Patrick so who is it guys
you know since I haven’t been it’s
actually seven different suspects if I’m
not mistaken because it was like seven
different people going to shoot ghosts
at one time but I don’t think it’s any
of them only one of them his wife yes it
was Tasha it was it was Angela’s sister
it was Dre it was a Tommy
it was his sign they all came to kill
ghosts at one time who would you think
it is I don’t think it’s any of them I
actually think it’s going to end up
being you know shooting you know
remember when they remembered a woman
that they killed because she saw a ghost
and Tommy killed him a camera my name
but she saw a goatee she overheard ghost
and Tommy when they killed her brother
or somebody like that I think it’s gonna
be somebody in her family I think it
would be something random like that
there’s so many people that would want
to kill ghost this is hard no he didn’t
yes he did
he told you who he was trey songz he
posted on his Instagram she didn’t tell
you you can’t hold water alright and
Antonio Brown is trying to shoot his
shot at JT from city girls you know he
a team right now currently the New
England Patriots but the last team that
he was on but he’s been on social media
he said thinking about getting a city
girl y’all tell JT get at me a B got the
mail plan baby I know you just jumped
baby 1111 so I guess he’s really trying
hard to go for it would you recommend
like give him a shot I thought should we
try to put it out there I thought she
was dating Gianni and she died when he
no more I think that maybe while she was
locked up I don’t know we didn’t even
know she dated yachty so I don’t know if
that was something that was brief I
don’t know if that was a real
relationship was that man who knows but
maybe she’s single now so you know she
posted my birthday is December 3rd what
are y’all getting me you’ll need my p.o
box and he reposted and said check your
DM period so that’s a good opportunity
for him to send an amazing present there
you go all right well I’m Angela Yee and
that is your rumour report

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