Analyst, Tim Ryan, Suspended 4 Saying Ravens QB, Lamar Jackson's Dark Skin Gives Him An Advantage!


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alright guys this is a piece of news
that I wanted to talk about first off
fuck the Cowboys I’m glad they lost how
many of you guys like that glad the
Cowboys lost uh I might fuck the cowboys
I’m glad they lost I hope they keep on
losing that’s just me all right now let
me get to something else there is an
individual by the name of Tim Ryan Tim
Ryan is an individual who got into a
discussion about a man by the name of
limo Josh Sean Lamar Jackson was the
quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens now
it seems like a lot of people are upset
at something that was said by mr. Tim
Ryan Tim Ryan was talking about how
difficult it was for people to stop
Lamar Jackson especially doing the
handoff thing now the funny thing was
ladies and gentlemen I want you to
realize this I was watching the game
with a black female do you know what the
black female said whilst watching the
game she simply said you can’t tell if
he has the ball or not she says why do
they keep going for the same fake this
was a black female who asked the
question she said they keep going for
the same fake then she said how can you
tell if he has the ball or not well
let’s talk about what the problem is San
Francisco 49ers my 49ers I’ve had to
suspend an announcer by the name of Tim
Ryan for saying that Lamar has an
advantage when he’s playing like he’s
handing the ball off because his hands
are about the same color as the football
and his jersey is dark
let’s go ahead and read it in Brighton
Florida the San Francisco 49ers have
suspended radio announcer Tim Ryan for
Sunday’s game in New Orleans after he
said on KNBR radio show that Baltimore’s
quarterback lamar jackson’s dark skin
gives him an advantage on the playing
Ryan’s comment came during his weekly
appearance on the Murph and Mac morning
show when he described Jackson’s ability
in faking handoffs in Sunday’s 22:17 win
over the 49ers let’s see if we can get
to this story Geico makes it easy to get
fuck you and fuck the Geico it said he
said he’s really good at that fake Lamar
Jackson but when you consider his dark
skin color with the football in the dark
uniform you could not see that that
thing as he stated when he was breaking
down the 49ers lost to the Ravens and
the MVP candidate of course he’s an MVP
candidate and probably should be an MVP
nobody’s taking that away from him but I
think it’s funny that in the society
today the top scoring offense
the 49ers with the top defense
something’s going to give today and it
will give it in miserable conditions it
is cold it is chilly it is rainy they
don’t want to be here man two reasons no
one wants to come to Baltimore she’ll
run it every time out of this formation
he does it again
could you email me to plan I’m trying to
hear it but apparently we can’t hear it
so I’ll just read it some more Ryan gave
an apologetic statement through the
teams that I regret my choice of words
and trying to describe the conditions of
the game Lamar Jackson is an MVP caliber
player and I respect him greatly I want
to sincerely apologize to him and anyone
I offended
Ryan attended Wendy’s practice here in
Florida and his suspension was announced
shortly thereafter
the 49ers are finalizing his replacement
for Sunday’s broadcast and it figures to
be an alumni such as the former
defensive lineman Dennis Brown the 49ers
released the following statement
announcing Ryan’s suspension we are
disappointed in Ryan’s comments earlier
this week and have suspended him for the
upcoming game we hold Tim to a high
standard as a representative of our
organization and he must be more
thoughtful with his words tim has
expressed remorse in a public statement
and has also done so with us privately
we know Tim as a man of high integrity
and we are confident he will grow and
learn from this experience we have
reached out to the Baltimore Ravens
organization to extend our apologies and
assure them that this matter is not
being taken lightly Ryan played
defensive in for the Chicago Bears from
90 to 93 he has been with the Niners
radio color analysts since 2014 prior to
joining the 49ers the South Bay native
was an NFL game analyst for TV on Fox
seriously guys is this offensive I’m not
trying to be funny but it is easier to
watch a white boy put their ball in and
out of in and out of the the breadbasket
of the running back
he didn’t lose his job he was only
suspended for a game I’m sorry I
understand what they’re saying it
doesn’t but here’s the reason why I
don’t have a problem with it
if black folks sit around all damn day
making fun of my skin color I’m going to
steal try to question why is it problem
when this white dude was not making fun
of it he was pointing out it is
difficult to see the damn ball I don’t
understand how is it wrong for him
saying that so if a white person sees a
picture of a black person and you can’t
or barely can see them in the photo when
they’re standing beside white people the
white person cannot acknowledge what
they just saw have you guys noticed the
same observations that blacks make about
whites and everyone else whites can’t
make it you remember guys that’s why I
said I’ve always white I tell people no
I’m not racist I’m just observant why
would you call my observation racist
this is the dumbest thing in the world
waters red but if water walks in here we
can’t call it wet y’all talking about me
no sir solid were y’all calling me wet
no no no we were making sure we called
you solid

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