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once the fraud has been detected in a document or contract, that’s the end of the document, a fact negates a presumption, rendering all government documents as void if the fraud has been detected on such documents. Every government document houses all uppercase text and proper English together on the one document,,, . Once the SIGN language has been separated from the content of the main document, most government and banking documents will make no or very little sense… Once a document has been identified as grammatically wrong, nothing can save it…. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

progress report it’s an older code
skipper I can’t make it out you higher
mammal hmm
can you read no Phil can read though
Phil ship to Kenya wildlife preserve
Africa Africa that ain’t gonna fly
well that’s the question isn’t it can
you read this is an extract from the
Madagascar movie straight little just a
children’s movie but sometimes you’ve
got to be very careful about um or keep
alert at what’s being said in some of
these these movies these hollywood dumb
blockbusters because sometimes we’re
given the answers and the clues to
what’s happening and because it’s been
presented in such a way we tend to miss
like that penguin says can you read can
you read no Phil can read though well we
assume that we can read most of the time
because most people will read that as
Kenya wildlife preserve preserve Africa
but as film says in this movie he sees
it exactly as it is as sign language and
it’s no part of the English language
can you read no Phil can read though
Phil ship to Kenya wildlife preserve
Africa I think I can prove film the
monkey right because I’ve spent the last
10 years trying to prove that this all
uppercase text is English and I just
cannot find the evidence to prove this
so after great looking
so after a lot of research and looking
Chicago Manual of style which is the
official Styles manual for the City of
London the administrative part of the
Western world or the corporate world the
young the Holy See I guess you could say
the law of shipping merchant shipping in
this book it clearly states that that
well a degree of this is sign language
American Sign Language or ASL and the
three lines of page six six six of this
book as I’ve stated many times before as
I’ve stated um many times before page
666 of this book these three lines here
text explains that no two languages on a
document to foreign foreign language
foreign to each other can have
jurisdiction with each other but what we
could never really work out or the
illiterate is that we assumed that this
writing here was a part of the English
language and could be read as English
but according to this book it’s American
Sign Language ASL and it is found in
languages other than English in foreign
languages which renders this
as a foreign language and as this
Pelican here claimed that it was an
older code ancient Latin and monkey film
he knew exactly what it was it was
American sign language and had nothing
to do with English that’s why he read it
as sign language and the other monkey
translated it to English which is a
clear statement stay stating that that
is a foreign language what does this
mean two languages appearing on one
document well it’s the point of fraud
when one is passing off a document to an
unsuspecting victim that does not
grammatically read what such a document
is assumed to convey such an act of
passing of a document that is not what
it is is an act of counterfeiting such
an act of fraud could be deemed as the
evidence that our government and our
bank are not our government or Bank it
could be an international counterfeit
government so you’ve got to be very
careful and keep your eyes and ears and
be very vigilant when these Hollywood
blockbuster Busters come out because the
communist system gives us notice in
these art forms they claim that they
gave us notice they claim they’ve told
us everything
and they sort of have told us everything
just that we have to be awake
and vigilant and make sure we know it
because this book this movie here is
telling you exactly what this book is
telling you that is sign language and
it’s got nothing to do with English
rendering it is a foreign language and
all your court documents banking
driver licenses utility bills from these
foreign administrators these
internationals that are not the de jure
to de jure governments of our country
when these bills appear in these ledges
these satanic Ledger’s which really
means the stone of a grave when you
break open these Ledger’s and start
interfering with this foreign text
that’s used for tombstones but it’s no
part of English they the administers the
administrators of this language of this
hidden dead world this underworld they
will assume that you are with them in
their underworld their world of the
debtors and if you open their Ledger’s
their articles and claim them as yours
and claim that writing to be English
this deception is what renders you to
fall into
it’s being trapped in their slavery
Roman law system that uses a debased
foreign language that looks just like
English but monkey Phil can work it out
and our penguin here he can work it out
so you you have to start working this
out yourself

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