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Watch Alvin and Inga react to their favorite episode of Making It Big…which also happens to be the only episode Inga’s in!

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Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

– Hi, I’m Alvin.
– Hi, it’s Inga.
– And we are in the Tasty kitchen
and we’re gonna watch our favorite episode
of “Making It Big.”
– Also, the only episode I’m in.
So naturally, right? (laughs)
– Let’s watch the episode.
– Can we screen cap this?
How do you screen cap?
– [Camera Man] It’s already
screen, it’s already recording.
– It’s recording.
– I just wanted to–
– Oh my God.
– There you go.
It’s gonna be a meme.
– Hi, welcome back to Tasty.
We don’t need to watch the intro, right?
Why are we watching this?
– I’m Tasty.
I’m Tasty.
– Personally I’ve been
a fan of sumo wrestling
for a very long time.
– Yes of course.
– You should do the intro.
– He was, are you a fan of Sumo wrestling?
– Yeah, it’s so fun.
I’ve watched documentaries on them.
– It’s a lie.
– I’ve watched, I’ve straight
up watched documentaries.
– I have never seen Alvin,
Alvin and I hang out a lot
and I have never seen
him mention a single word
of Sumo Wrestling.
– I watch it at night, okay?
He was in Ed Sheeran’s
music video, “Shape of You.”
– Wait, what?
– He’s been around the block.
This guys actually famous.
– This was really surprising to me.
Well actually no.
‘Cause I know they normally
eat, what is that called?
(speaking in foreign language)
Which is very healthy right?
– Mm-hmm.
– One of my dreams is to cook
for a Sumo wrestler, like you.
What giant food would you
like me to make you today?
– Why is that, just stop.
– My goal is to cook for
a Sumo wrestler, like you.
– What kinds of ingredients
do you like in your ramen?
– That’s it.
– Okay, and what kind
of broth do you like?
Oh me too.
I think I can do it.
– You a good luck man. (laughs)
– Oh, thank you, appreciate it.
Also, if you guys,
that was reference I threw in.
Not a lot of people got it
but his agent told me that he
was a pretty big Anime fan.
It’s called “Attack on Titan”
this is there salute.
He caught it after the
camera stopped rolling.
And he secretly got excited about it.
And that was pretty awesome.
But nobody else caught it.
So, I got a lot to do.
I’m going to have to call in some backup.
(air whooshing)
– How many times
did it take us to do this correctly?
– This took 15 minutes.
Like, on the run of show,
I allotted five minutes for apron shots.
We literally took 20 minutes.
Guy’s this is my friend Inga.
She’s a producer at Buzzfeed.
She’s made some amazing videos.
You might have seen a
lot of the cool stuff
that she’s done.
– Nice.
This is when I did the ostrich egg.
– Oh yes.
– Giant food.
I did it first.
– She technically did it first.
– It was a really good broth.
There was a lot of really good ingredients
that went in there.
Oh my goodness.
– That’s what I like to see.
It might take a while.
– That’s what I like to see.
– Why am I like this dude?
– Yeah, why are you like this?
– I don’t know.
– Ready?
– What is those?
– These are, what is those?
What is those Alvin?
– I remember that.
– What is those.
– Oh my God.
– That’s the face from the beginning.
– Let’s, is there possible to zoom in
on this face?
– Enhance and zoom.
– No I want to find a
more unflattering one.
– We can go frame by frame.
– No this is too,
Can we zoom in on this?
Yo, somebody make a
meme out of this please!
Okay, hold on.
– I can’t be the guy in the group projects
that just like, sits back does nothing,
and then just shows up on the last day.
Is like, “Oh hey guys, how’s it going?
“Oh you finished?
“Oh thanks, thanks for the A.”
– Alvin talks a lot.
He does talk a lot.
(Alvin laughs)
– Yeah this was the first time,
– It’s just lonely and you.
– It’s true.
This was the first time
I’ve had someone else cooking with me.
‘Cause usually it’s just me
and there’s a camera right there,
and it’s, I mean, I’m not as good at it.
So it’s hard for me to
continually pretend or narrate.
But it’s so much easier
to have someone there to actually talk to.
So I was like, “Oh, this is way more fun.
“’cause I don’t have to talk
to an empty void of a camera.”
So, thanks dude.
– You just did the exact same thing
you did in the video.
– Did I really?
– You just went on for,
I don’t know how long.
You can tell that there’s
a lot of, what is it?
– Gluten.
– Yes.
– My boy gluten.
– There is a lot of gluten.
Did you say, “My boy gluten?”
– You’re damn right I did.
– Who?
– It’s my boy gluten.
‘Cause you were using your
tippy toes in the weight.
– ‘Cause I couldn’t like, I don’t know,
maybe my arms are just not jacked enough.
I have to use my own weight.
– Even like the biggest bakers,
they’re like, you literally,
they’re rocking.
– Did you just smack?
You just like smacking things.
Yes I have.
– That wasn’t as dramatic
as I thought.
– I wish there was like a– (laughs)
– You literally did the same thing.
Hero is the thickest setting,
we’re going to start with that.
Okay, hold it, this is
your concentration face.
– Yeah.
Yours is.
– What?
– I don’t know, you go like,
yeah like that.
There we go.
– All right, okay,
not bad keep going.
– So that’s the beginning.
– One of the reasons why
this video needs to be a two person video
is because of this.
We have the fettuccine attachment.
– Shoulda just cooked it as is.
– Dude, that would’ve been cool.
– One giant noodle.
– Huge noodle.
12 hours is a very long time.
Hold on, let’s go back.
– What?
Hey, I do that face.
It’s amazing.
– I’ve never seen you do that face.
– All right, hold it tight.
– This part was hard.
Do you remember?
– This was hard.
‘Cause it was so slippery.
– Yeah.
– There was so much fat.
Okay, this liquid in itself,
– It’s so good.
– Was amazing.
It was like umami and sweet.
Was it umami ’cause of the–
– Yeah.
– All right?
– It tasted really good.
– Sweet and savory.
– This is an ostrich egg.
And this is a normal egg.
– A normal egg.
You remember?
– I do, that was a fun part.
It’s kinda like,
you verses the guy she tells
you not to worry about.
– So many people like that quote.
– I don’t even remember saying that.
– No I remember you saying it.
I gave you a look, and
then they cut my look.
– I’m sure you gave me many.
This feels like a–
– Okay can we just talk about
how I had an ostrich egg a while back.
And I asked Alvin if I
should make giant ramen.
And he said, “No, don’t do
it, do it an egg sandwich.”
Next thing I know he’s like,
“I’m doing a giant ramen.”
I’m like, “Alvin.”
But then he brought me
to do this with him,
so it’s all good.
We’re all good.
– I was coerced.
Sumo wrestler said he wanted
a nice soft boiled egg.
– Oh man.
There was just no,
– Literally no way.
This is gonna go in the water.
Do you want to give it a name?
– Eggie?
A cute egg baby.
– Cute egg baby.
Now what does Eggie sound like in Korean?
– Eggie is baby in Korean.
– It feel like a water balloon.
– I was just going to say that.
– You know that feeling
when you’re like about to do something
and then something just feels very wrong.
– Yes.
– This is what it was like.
– It is definitely not cooked.
This is not right.
– This is not what a soft
boiled egg should be like.
Hold on, let’s go back.
– Is this just an ugly face?
– How do you screen cap this?
– Did you just screen shot?
– Oh here we go.
– Stop.
This is not a computer,
nobody needs this.
– No, no, no, no, no, no.
You did one, I get to do one too.
Excuse me.
Here we go.
So can someone make this a meme as well?
– Okay ignore this.
Honestly this is the best part.
It’s so giggly.
– [Both] Oh!
– Eggie has served us well.
– Eggie has served us well.
R.I.P, Eggie, I know we’re gonna,
– May you rest in pieces.
– May you rest in pieces.
Moment of truth.
You need any help?
You good?
– I think I’m okay.
Emotional support wouldn’t be bad though.
– Good job Alvin, you got the shell off.
You can do it Alvin.
– What do you want to name it?
– Eggie Jr.
Can I draw a face on it?
Just for good luck.
– We miss Eggie.
– Yeah, this was a good drawing.
– [Eggie And Inga] Yay!
– Oh we did that at the same time.
He’s so cute.
He’s so cute.
Alvin has one shot.
Alvin has one shot.
– Oo.
That’s his face.
– I know.
– Sometimes children don’t turn out
the way you want them to.
And that’s right Alvin.
– All of this stuff went into that broth.
– We actually took this
home, the left overs.
– Yes.
That came out so perfect.
– Amazing.
It was, I was like
this is probably one of
the best things we’ve made
on the show.
Six slices and hopefully that is enough.
Those are huge.
– Yeah!
– Those were huge slices.
– They were like half of my face.
More importantly, giant Ramen calls for,
Best thing ever about
this shoot, this bowl.
– We got this bowl, either at Home Depot,
or like those department
stores that sell planters.
Because we didn’t find a bowl big enough.
So we had to really had to go to the,
like we had to go to
non-bowl section to find one.
We can seer it in a pan.
– Or, pop it in the oven.
This part.
– Or–
– Oh my God.
(exciting spy music)
Time to get lit.
– Ah yeah.
– Oh my God.
We had to do this like 30 times.
– So many times.
– 30 times.
Like, definitely, I don’t
know if it’s exactly 30
but over 20 times is literally just like,
“Time to get Lit.”
And I just wanted to cry.
– All right Agent Lam,
proceed to target 1.
Agent Lam.
Fire at will.
At this point I really wanted to eat it.
– I was just going to say that, yeah.
– This is our ramen.
– This is a ramen.
– I was genuinely nervous
if he was gonna like it.
– I really wanted him did good.
– Did good.
You laugh like that.
– I was so nervous.
And I was so excited
’cause he was so excited.
Look at him.
– Open your eyes.
– Jesus.
– He loved it.
Pretty cool right?
– You like it?
– Yeah.
– You know I loved his reaction so much.
– How do you feel?
– Happy, excited.
– Are you hungry?
– Yeah, very hungry.
– [All] Oo.
– It’s like that feeling
of you know when you
cook for somebody, right?
And then you see them really like it.
And his face was literally
this look of pure joy.
– Yeah, genuine.
Like, I know he’s been on TV.
He’s done a lot of movies.
But I feel like that was sincerely genuine
and that was really awesome.
– He honestly did not know
what to expect, right.
It was so satisfying.
Look at me, I’m so happy.
– I’m like falling over,
’cause he’s actually eating.
– Yama-San, if you wanna come back
we can make you some more food.
– It’s a given.
What are you doing?
– I’m just trying to imitate him.
– My friend coming here.
– Oh, is he?
– Meet my friend Hiroki.
– I loved this so much.
– He just casually brings in his friend.
He didn’t say a word.
– Wait, but can we talk about how they
(speaking in foreign language)
Can we talk about how
they actually finished
the entire bowl.
Like right there, on the set.
– Yeah, he ate for like 15 seconds.
He didn’t say a word.
Came up for air and was like,
(speaking in foreign language)
Which means yum.
And that was like (deep exhaling).
– Thank you, bye.
– Thank you, bye.
– [Yama-San] Good night.
– Good night.
– We did it.
Please be at 30.
– Peace.
– [Alvin and Inga] Peace.
– That was cool.
– Yeah, I haven’t watched that in a while.
– I know, it’s been a while.
I feel like a lot of the moments though
we’re so reacting in the same,
I know we’re the same person.
But like the initial reaction,
but even looking at it again,
seeing it visually, hearing the sounds,
looking at the sizzle, it was still like.
I still remember how it feels being there.
– Yeah and like, the actual
going through it, we,
it was so fun.
It was just so fun doing that.
Want to do some more?
– Yeah.
– Yeah.
– We’re gonna make it happen.
Thank you for having me Alvin.
– Thanks for watching.
And let us know what you guys
liked about this episode,
about other episodes.
If there’s any foods
you want to see us make,
send this our way.
But, we’re gonna see you guys next time.
All right, bye.
– Bye.
– [Alvin] Oh yes!
(relaxed jazzy music)

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