ALPO Director Makes Video Apology


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Troy Reed the Father Of The Street Documentaries released a video apologizing to Rich Porter’s Family and Alpo for leaked footage that many find to be Insensitive.


T.I.’s daughter, Deyjah Harris, has unfollowed her dad on Instagram. While the exact timing of the social media move is unclear, some speculate it came after the 39-year-old rapper said he attends the 18-year-old celebrity’s gynecologist appointments to “check her hymen.” According to Hollywood Unlocked, Deyjah also isn’t following Tiny or Zonnique Pullins on Instagram. While Deyjah has yet to publicly address her father’s remarks, she recently liked a series of tweets calling his actions “disgusting,” “possessive” and “controlling.” She also tweeted, “I loveee
yalllllll” and received an outpouring of support from her fans.


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hey good evening star report on a Monday
and let’s start the show off right by
acknowledging the US veterans here in
America that have served in the Armed
Forces thank you for your service will
you be a man a woman transgender whoever
thank you for your your service all
right let’s get the show started tonight
mmm Monday I’m kind of kind of charged
but I had a slow draggy day slow draggy
day on the screen Alpo director issues
formal apology troy read the director
and the producer of the new Alpo
documentary here put out a lengthly
video today good guy good guy but I just
I’m not sure if it’s heartfelt if he’s
under pressure if he’s cloud chasing did
you see it what do you think we’re gonna
put the link right up under the video
Troy read his IG page is Troy read
official the father of Harlem
drug-dealing documentaries there he is
right there good man
and I want to talk about that tonight
that’s our main main story off the RIP
second topic holy smokes
TI’s daughter unfollowed not just tea
island instagram but the whole family is
she about to flip like a flapjack on
Sunday morning is she is she about to
write a book and she is she gonna tell
us something we don’t know he was
touching me whoa allegedly I don’t know
I’m just some acting silly where’s she
unfollowed the whole damn family up on
the gram huh don’t you want to get out
and you know do what she wants to do
she’s eight years of age she’s in
bullshit wine is gonna call and shortly
and help me with that story because I
want to be sensitive we’re talking about
a young female and his Ti about to be
canceled the backlash is still going on
this story came out today via people the
website people and a host of other sites
as well eight-year-old daughter no
follows him tiny harris and the whole
damn family yeah alright also um
Vlad I want to promote one of my
old homies DeHaven you guys should know
him from the Marcy projects in Brooklyn
New York former associate and longtime
friend of jay-z’s his first interview
was posted today I hooked that up for
him my beast octave lat and at first
DeHaven wasn’t sure if he wanted to you
know to do it and I somewhat sort of
convinced him and the reason why I’m
saying that is because he’s in a great
place and for those of you who do watch
that interview he’s smiling he’s he’s
enjoying life but I want to help him get
a producer if someone’s in the Brooklyn
area that wants to help him with a
podcast he’s done enough interviews and
the vlad TV interview is one of the last
ones he’s gonna do for right now but he
wants to do a podcast i think he should
do something similar to how um the
gangster Chronicles out in l.a do it so
if you’re interested in producing his
podcast reach out to me I’ll forward the
information we can reach out to him
directly alright also tonight um hang a
bunch of notes here Oh at Tiana
Jefferson her father passed away this
past Saturday from a heart attack okay
Atena Jefferson was the young female 28
years of age shot and killed in Fort
Worth Texas by a police officer who was
since arrested and very sad so we may
touch on that tonight as well along with
rapper oh wait a minute wait a minute
where’s my notes little Reese
according to all hip-hop combo Reese was
shot and he’s now in grave condition you
guys know who Laurie says hmm I say this
respectfully did the chickens come home
to roost remember years ago little Reese
beat up a girl on video not alleged on
video and he wasn’t cancelled and he
went on to have a career and a couple of
months ago some some guys gave him the
and it appeared that he defecated on
himself he claims he didn’t I don’t know
but again according to all hip-hop calm
he has been shot and please keep me up
to speed if you get any type of
notifications or whilst we’re doing this
show also tonight give me a second
choose my words carefully here the
YouTube streets are hot
the YouTube streets are hot and I’m not
gonna be putting people’s names and
titles in the the title of my video but
yes I got your emails Tyriq nasheed Atos
I respect her weakness sheet and I
respect the ados
movement I’ve spoken to Yvette Cornell
I’ve never met nor spoken to tone talks
and if I can assist in any way shape or
form that’s all I want to do I don’t
want to get into the chatty patty nurse
of its it’s pretty intense
I’m tired we put his Mack down last
night on his channel I was watching and
it is what it is you know throughout the
decades or even centuries here in
America we have had people on the front
lines trying to advance the black
experience black culture black progress
and they have had tension I’ll just say
tension so we’re just seeing it now
because we have social media so it’s
right in front of our faces but you know
these things have to happen if you ask
me to hash out some of the progress that
I’m sure will happen amongst these these
good people that’s all I want to say all
right okay bullshit Ronnie I’m ready for
you if you want to call in so you can
help me out with them TI’s daughter
unfollowed the family where we going hey
cleaving in the live chat hey guys doing
hold on a second put some of your names
okay Dennis Wise good evening fresh
veggies how are you Ray’s wife g-money
79 ok ok
good to see you there goodness to you
there I may want to talk about at some
point little bit later on if I if I
don’t forget I now I had to block a
couple of people
my on my private Instagram page and it’s
not because what you’re saying bothers
me but just you’re doing too much
I don’t want notifications every day
about different things in your life and
I’m also talking to people that are
trying to handle business through my IG
page I still handle things via email the
hater one nine six forty ah who calm but
I’m not gonna just be you know
constantly constantly bombarded through
my Instagram page
call me Aggie I don’t give a damn I just
want to say that
let me bring basta quani in early so we
can get started and talk about tonight’s
topics bullshit Ronnie are you there
good evening oh hey hey oh you’re the
Monday all right are you good good get
any family that have served in the Armed
Forces here in America today is Veterans
Day yes okay so who do you like you yeah
yeah my father and a couple of uncles
actually uh they’re deceased now and you
know today’s a special day for me of
sort so well yeah I did take time to uh
you know think about them and uh and
here we are so all right um TI’s
daughter she unfollowed him and the
entire family yes according to multiple
reports your thoughts you a young lady
um do you wanna start
yes so not only did she unfollow him she
also liked a series of tweets that
characterized his behavior or his
comments rather than discussing
possessive and controlling and she also
tweeted out directly to the people I
love you all the part the podcast that
she I appeared on they have sent walked
away from you know that episode they
took it down I apologize
so they because they sort of caught some
of the backlash yeah for not having said
anything to him for basically laughing
along the entire time
yeah they were giggling uh so I guess
somebody hollered them or they just took
a good listen to themselves so has he
released a statement I have not heard
anything from Ti I don’t listen to his
expeditiously podcast I mean unless
there’s some controversy has he
responded no he hasn’t yet responded but
you know we know for sure that he has
11.5 million followers but his order
isn’t one so yes so I’m sorry in your
opinion do you think that she’s got
something loaded in the cannon I mean I
don’t mind speculating tonight why would
an 18 year old girl of a very famous you
know celebrity why would she unfollow
you in the entire family or is it not
that deep maybe she just don’t want to
be tagged and tagged and tagged maybe
she just wanted to break did she put our
page on private I don’t know where she’s
a what she’s thinking I don’t have any
daughters like that I think this is like
a sort of passive-aggressive way of
saying you know I don’t like you know
the fact that he’s making these
appointments and showing up and because
you have to consider the tweets that
she’s liking that sort of almost like
co-signing whatever someone is saying or
else why would you like it so I think
it’s you know reached the point where
she’s maybe not going to say something
to him directly but you know her liking
it is sort of putting it out there I
don’t like it either I want to get a
little messy I think she might have some
type of trump card and maybe she maybe
she’s gonna extort him I want to go
there I think she might be wanting to
now apply some pressure yeah listen
today’s kids are different from you know
15 20 30 40 years ago there’s no level
of respect I mean he’s breaking her off
he’s putting her and the other kids
through a school there they’re rich I
don’t know if they’re wealthy but
they’re rich I think she might be
getting ready to UM to squeeze him any
thoughts on that um so do you mean like
squeezing this
and cheating a shakedown you’ve been
giving me an allowance but now I want
there’s no parameters Oh believe me much
well he’s sort of already getting he’s
sort of already getting shaken down and
every time he breaks up with tiny and
gets back to her he’s on the record
they’re saying i buy this I buy that you
know it makes up for it you know because
he’s come under fire in the past sort of
for having this cavalier attitude that I
do what I want and you you’re in the
house so I don’t think he could be
shaken down in that way okay honey I’m
gonna bring a couple of calls in and
also I do want to go back with regards
to the Alicia Keys Instagram polls I had
another thought with regards to that and
I would like your your opinion on that
as well it’s bringing some calls area
code for 1/3 creeping for 1/3 will talk
about a few things tonight TI’s daughter
and a Troy Reid issuing an apology are
you there for 3 how are you I mean first
off just jumping off home – yeah out
with all this stuff with his daughter he
bugging her he doing a little too much
you know I hope she do extort him hope
you’re gonna say WOW silly ass down he’d
be doing too much and nothing I can’t
stand more please excuse my language
than a dumb nigga will think he sounds
ok nothing worse than that could he
swore up and down he’s smart he’s not he
just make dumb decision cuz the dumb
decision and he keeps showing everybody
what not to do you know are you a father
yourself on what the other that your
father yes I am I got you boy yeah boy
ok ok now we’re respectfully the kids
today they use every anything they can
against you I remember a couple years
well more than a couple years back
what’s that guy’s name the actor from
he was drunk in the living room on
floor plan with a cheeseburger and his
daughter was filming him Michael uh
something and she just she clowns yeah
she cloud him she filmed him and then
posted it she’s living a life of luxury
and she still didn’t care yeah you
absolutely right these kids of handle
these kids don’t have no respect um my
wife my wife sister’s son there was
arguing on one day and he called her a
big no slut that it do me for a loop I
could not believe he said that to his
mother well it was unbelievable anybody
put hands on him you didn’t want to take
the risk
not because he a cop-caller so I wasn’t
messing with my kid are you from the New
York area
Troy Reed has apologized with regards to
the snippet of the alcohol documentary
you know I want to I would still be
objective even though I met Roy Reed I I
think this might be a cloud chasing move
I think that you know it’s he knows what
he’s dealing with but with regards to
Alpha Martinez and it’s all good I’ll
pose trying to eat Troy’s trying to eat
off of this particular document he’s
been working on this wall over a decade
any thoughts and did you see the apology
oh no I see the apology but I think the
way that they’re portraying this whole
elbow wrist for the thing is disgusting
at the end of the day that man got shot
in the head over some drugs so
foolishness and everybody it’s just okay
for it to be but you know what star it’s
cuz we black niggas don’t got no respect
for niggas so we can do whatever we want
to each other just like on you two we
could say nigga all we want but that’s
where we cannot don’t say the f-word
gotta get you up out of here yeah oh no
no I’m just saying okay you can’t use
that but you can say the n-word all day
all you want but just discuss them and
we got to do better tonight
Thank You Man thank you take you okay
all right phone lines open and hang on a
second uh I’ll get to that
super chat shortly nipping at area code
Troy Reid Alpo director has apologised
for these snippet any thoughts no one 7
yeah it was good starters Undertaker was
and I have to speak under a second show
there okay okay anything that you want
to put on the table I’m I’m kind of all
over the place tonight
it’s Monday night holiday laugh I’m
working on building my website right now
you know just know how to promote some
entrepreneurs show them how I do the
digital marketing stuff so beware for
coming soon man I don’t leave you been
working on it about six months right now
just gathering information put
everything together remember I told you
I was gonna start selling beats so I got
something digital market and playing all
stay with me okay so now you quit your
job at the hospital to make beats right
I remember well yeah they sell them
I made the beats already I just gotta I
had to figure out the marketing plan to
sell it and you know I was ready in that
so how long have you have you not been
working are you getting unemployment no
you quit so you can’t get unemployment
right whip no you always gotta be
prepared when you’re ready to make a
boss move so I’m about to send you some
bread when I’m ready to promote for my
banner up okay okay so have you sold any
beats yet right now not but I got the
plan yeah I mean it’s coming from
nowhere body it’s gonna beat it I
defended you I said I defended you you
know back when you announced that you
made your decision I’m sort of
disappointed to hear you didn’t sell me
beats yet
all right baby Kobe I’m gonna do so
music for your page you’ve been working
on this site for six months vomit vomit
how much more time we get up six months
a long time horse I’ll put it on the web
before Christmas okay
more Christmas value I’m already on
Spotify actually at Google you can check
out my beats on Spotify Hundred Acre
Wood and just rap instrumentals there’s
something like that I was just
now birth cunt you like I said I want to
show some beats alright yeah good to
talk you man thank you for your support
thank you okay honey Aker woods on the
check-in hey sometimes you gotta follow
your dream
let’s go to area code uh four and five
hey good evening four and five year
there four one five man it called out
the bay hey what’s up man how you been
man another day in paradise another day
in paradise how you been what’s up
Ronnie got him on the grind man we’re
total talking about Troy Reed
apologizing did you ever see the the
snippet of the out Poddar commentary’
you out in a debate you care no interest
no interest in any of that nigga shit
bro too many other important things like
TI’s daughter I’ll follow it I think
with T I think with TIG daughter I think
that it’s the beginning of her new
rebranding and media rollout right right
now we saw what happened we saw we saw
exactly what happened when the
Kardashian’s sister broke away from her
best friend she went on the on the red
table talked with Jada Pinkett Jada
pinkett-smith little brother Jada do her
media rollout JD’s built like a ten year
old boy she’s gonna go out on all these
shows she’s gonna she’s gonna be
boo-hooing talking about how ti was this
overprotective dad who used to cheat on
you know all these women and I’m such a
hypocrite and you know what the worst
part is money you know what the worst
part of this whole situation is the guys
that TI was scaring was scared we’re
gonna hit up as the daughter she’s this
is an advertisement for those guys oh
yeah so all those guys at yeah I was
trying to keep away from her this is
gonna be like the this is the green
light everybody’s gonna be after you’re
gonna see on every one every football
player every basketball player you know
she’s gonna she’s gonna go to Laurie
Harvey route that’s it she’s got her
back hanging with trippy red and thunder
and the host of others ownership and
leaving Molly’s finger dip
you know all that shit finger different
fentanyl that gosh she belongs to the
streets now I would love to see her on
the view actually abused me I’ve been
suffering inside she’s gonna go I’m
calling it right now I’m gonna call
three shows that she’s gonna hit it and
and two of them are kind of left field
but I think she’s gonna do read Table
Talk a okay I think the second one she’s
gonna do she’s gonna do Wendy Williams
yeah and I think the surprised one is
gonna be dr. Seuss she’s really trying
to open herself to different market
she’s got to get the white folks with
dr. Phil she’s got to go ahead and get
the you know the Wendy Williams you know
that crowd okay she’s gonna do the red
Tabletalk hey who knows she might end up
on Oprah she might end up with a
face-to-face with Oprah talking about I
think anybody cares about Oprah but it’s
Alisa hang on a second if we can shift
gears you and I haven’t spoke in a while
anything going on with boxing or MMA I
haven’t watched anything in well over a
month anything that I missed and he any
good fights anything coming up yeah it
was a really really good fight happen
between Nate Diaz and George maths at
all the bad motherfucker belt that was
the one where doctors shrunk showed up
yeah I mean it was you know there’s a
lot of stuff going on
his older brother Nick Diaz is actually
talking about coming back to fight him
but they’re trying to set up a fight
between him and Conor McGregor Conor
McGregor’s face and a bunch of stuff and
I feel like Dana White really wants to
bring him back but at the same time you
know he’s got a sexual assault case on
him right now he’s got the beaten up old
men in in Irish pubs you know it’s a
crazy situation so yeah I mean that’s
pretty much what’s going on okay good to
talk to you man thanks for checking in
here thank you alright Bart Nomad Nick
on the check-in alright hold on a second
bullshit money uh who’s this shit maybe
one of its reporters associates
oh okay someone is saying via super chat
T Gardner maybe one of RIT supporters
pressed Troy Reed
I don’t know I mean I hate to you know
to dump on like you know guys from that
era but is it really anybody around
that’s got like you know hole like that
anymore from that outpost rich Porter
era one of those guys were up on YouTube
they’ve got to get missing teeth
cataracts glaucoma just yeah it look
crazy last time I saw a zebes damn near
400 pounds
thank you for your super jet hey Ronnie
also before I forget I just want to go
back for a second here did you have any
opinions or should we not touch on
Alicia Keys that happened last week she
put up a post on Instagram did you look
at that any thoughts I want to beat a
dead horse but you know dear her
four-year-old son and the rainbow yeah
that’s right that video was just very
reminiscent to me of sort of like the
way that Malik Yoba was trying to push
this idea like it was almost in a way
like chastising saying that men need to
be more understanding of you know men
who love trans women the point that she
was trying to make with her video was
that she claims that the four-year-old
wanted rainbow nail polish but he told
her that he was afraid of being of
judgment right I can’t imagine that a
four-year-old came out of their mouth
and said they were afraid of being
judged I think she created this story to
basically you know push this idea that
because she’s saying we need to be less
judgmental in the world we need to be
more accepting so then I got to
wondering like does she have an album or
some sort of project coming out that now
she’s looking for the alphabet community
cosign because we don’t need you to tell
us that the world needs to be less
judgmental in terms of your
four-year-old why is he even at the nail
salon with you would I be wrong to say
let us hear from the four-year-old I
mean listen we are we are a generation
now yeah you went without once receipts
and uh a four-year-old will tell you
our Santa Claus or they are a snowman or
there are some they are an action figure
that they see on a cartoon it’s up to
you as a parent to set that child
straight yeah so you know I really don’t
believe that the four-year-old said he
was afraid of being judged maybe he said
something along the lines of are people
going to make fun of me but even if he
did that means that he has a natural
inclination that he has no business
painting his nails I want to go on
record and say I think she’s cloud
chasing and I I thought about NOLA I
thought about Bow Wow
you know about bow why I used to tell
these tell these fucking whoppers he
would he would say he was in first class
on the plane when in reality he was in
coach you know I think she’s cloud
chasing I didn’t say that last week I
was trying to not not be so harsh but
it’s just cloud chasing someone say that
all right hang on a second let me get
more calls in here area code uh 911 for
gravy nine one four we’re talking my
TI’s daughter I’m following the whole
family on the ground and Troy Reed
issuing an apology are you there no one
for can you speak up please I have a
little trouble hearing you say again
pregnant within a year president what
sir oh you said pregnant pregnant
Oh pregnant okay pregnant but you told
yeah are you a parent yourself come on I
like where you’re going I’m not going
I am sir I am I I’m a parent of a
teenage pregnant daughter okay you have
the whole I know these girls the Storrow
with these girls when they get that age
when they start turning around 18 19
they’re they’re hormones chicken and
they think that things they want sex all
the time when did you lose control i won
keep it real when did you lose control
when did she start talking back to you
throwing shit okay Ronnie want to jump
in oh well I mean if I can go back to a
point that Nomad Nick just previously
made which is whether or not we know
it’s not intentionally but GI is
basically advertising the fact that his
daughter is a virgin
that’s like a unicorn these days this
day and age right especially for an 18
year old female so it’s like why would
you want to divert all of that extra
attention to her DMS or her you know
whoever sees her and comes into contact
with her they’re looking at her in terms
of that’s the Virgin why would you want
to give her all that extra attention
that’s like free promotion I’ll give you
the final word sir final word yeah are
you uh Teresa sheet Evette Cornell beef
that’s going on yeah yeah let’s listen I
said earlier in my show here tonight I
don’t wanna get in the middle of that I
respect her weakness she’d um Yvette
Cornell called into the show we spoke
about reparations I don’t know tone
talks never had any type of exchange um
some of the stuff Tyre weakness she was
saying last night was right on point
right on point um but I’m sure they’re
gonna you know well I hope they hash it
out and if not then they don’t but uh I
don’t want to say too much and any
thoughts any inside thoughts are you a
do ask yourself no I’m just wanted
sideline but I am a BOS yeah yeah I’m a
TOS as well and I don’t have to belong
to any group and and I like what ty
weakness she said about that last night
I don’t think so because being a BOS
you’re born into a political group just
by being born in America so you really
can’t separate soon
continue continue tell us more sure
because America these black people as a
political thing just by being born in
America you come from a lineage of
slavery that has its founding in
politics because without politics we
would still be free ok
did you hear time weakness sheet last
night yeah I think he’s better I’m sure
I’m sure
yeah ok I appreciate call me thank you
thank you Jeff hold on Boston running on
the check-in via superjet Gemstar hold
on a second star TI’s daughter is about
to sign to rock nation best of both
worlds tour with centaurea brown coming
soon how is she doing
uh soon Toya Brenner I saw something a
little thumbnail with her defending her
husband but I really didn’t want to get
into it and mine do you give a shit
about Drake being booed off the stage I
don’t know the name of that concert
something to Tyler the Creator
it was his event and Drake was Brooke
staged did you see the flipper do you
not care I didn’t see the clip but I
didn’t care enough to clip click on it
turning what’s that is it the tide
turning on him I think it was just the
wrong crowd but Drake was a Tyler
usually picks those artists for that
particular concert it’s an ongoing event
I don’t know how long it goes back but
he was disappointed in his fans you know
if anybody cares let’s go to every coat
um 2 to 5 billion are you there 2 to 5
what’s going on
stars are you doing man you know you
bored kid danger’s man or the doctor son
are you doing are you doing Bonnie Jean
stranger it good man how you been
thank you for slowly
the emails that thank you because you
were starting to just you know you rub
me the wrong way man what’s going on
with you let’s take our time tonight
what’s going on okay look I want to add
some who do you think’s going one out of
DNA and a verb you know it’s just been
who you going with that’s a top one
because you know DNA has stamina through
all three rounds I have seen a verb at
his best
I’ve seen him at his worst mm-hmm so I
mean I don’t want to call I don’t like I
don’t like to judge battles before they
before they happen you know because it’s
it can go either way somebody can have
an off night somebody can be thrown off
by the crowd I mean who are you going
with I think I think if you go if you go
either way I do believe that our DNA you
know you never know how he’s going to
show up but I do say that um I do feel
like you know I think a birth could
could take it it just depends on who’s
material was actually uh flying or and
what material does that the crowd
actually agrees with because you got a
look at it your material has to line up
to you know the people your audience to
so it just depends on who really you
know who can really get crazy with the
pin but uh I think I think I’m edging it
I’m isn’t it the bird because you know
birds you know he did you know he just
got done battling murder move and loaded
look I mean I do think he can take it to
him yeah well he may have shot his load
because he just battled two of the best
in the game so he might be a deflator
but I don’t know I’m not saying it but
I’m saying if that’s possibility anyway
so let me ask you a question ready have
you battled in anybody in person or do
you just battle on on the phone who
norms is uh well uh basically on what
I’m doing is if you know there’s one
thing that’s unique about me is that I’m
skipping the PD I’m just gonna write to
the big names
I just battled are battled on Marino on
North I battled on Danny Meyer I battled
Dom have you ever bought anybody in
person again that that’s the question I
do face to face oh no not yet but
there’s talked about me battling Gigi
Gigi got it there I’m actually
negotiating a contract to battle him saw
might battle him in person okay
and what stay do you out of again I
forget Louise Louisiana pumpkin Dallas
are you sure yes in Dallas Louisiana let
you go and hold you again you 21 24 25 I
forget yeah I’m 24 years 24 okay
any thoughts on TI’s daughter she has
now unfollowed him and the entire family
as a younger man do you think she she’s
ready to turn up drop down get an eagle
on the hell’s going on if you might come
my way yeah yeah yeah I think uh yeah
sure would like you to come my way but
uh I think I think you need some
independence though I think as you get
older you should be able to uh you know
to have more space you just got to know
how to handle yourself so you know one
more cook you know couldn’t miss your
whole life up so yeah you know this is
depends on you know the kids will have a
different perspective and the parents
will have a different perspective the
opinions will be different definitely
gotcha gotcha
I hate this kid harmless good to talk to
you man thank you so much for checking
in I think you gave him that name Ronnie
didn’t you kid harmless what okay
Hey any updates on a little Reese is she
still alive hold on a second just
scrolling through a report here so I see
you said he’s in grave condition it
doesn’t look like he checked out yet but
I have a little bit of irony please
on Friday he tweeted and Chicago someone
gets shot every time someone plays
little Reese on the radio so I’m
wondering if he was like in a car
playing in his music or what I don’t
know do you know his music are you a fan
of his no Reese no I’m not a fan I can’t
tell you one song he did can you tell me
music er no III don’t know anything
songs like that I mean I I’ve heard some
things over the years but nothing I
really liked you know stuck you know but
um yeah yeah yeah yeah hold on a second
every time we hear about him for a bad
headline yeah yeah I really own seven 27
Cleveland we’re talking about director
Troy Reed issues an apology over the the
Alpo clip are you there 7:27
a little yes no maybe
okay let’s get you out of there area
code um three four seven evening 3.7
yeah whoa hey how are you you would have
a Superboy black corn out of Brooklyn
summit a sigma as usual man I usually
call it on some random shit happily to
get through snow and I’m just happiness
I just happen to see them the topic of
the day man and with tr and I’ma be
honest man I’ve seen your last a couple
of episodes anything I’ma be honest man
like I don’t I’m not him like you said
I’d be both tortoises I don’t have no
children no kids in there but I but I
have a lot of God kid and I love
children and I don’t see nothing wrong
with the matter with what people with
respect with people being family like
how can i how are you gonna really sit
there and tell a man how to raise his
daughter because it’s because it’s
public perception that’s ridiculous I
like it just it makes me don’t want to
have kids cuz it’s like yo so if I had
kids fight beat them and he yeah I’ma be
in trouble because I’m trying to tell
them don’t fucking put your hand on the
fucking stole Paul my language and I’m
saying like it’s ridiculous just get to
the point against it’ll point where’s
like they don’t want us to be like they
don’t want they want our kids to be born
and do whatever they want to say do they
can do whatever they want they want they
want our kids to be able to say that at
5 years old 6 years old at the either
boy you would say he’s a girl and if I
say he’s not that I’m a wrong parent
yeah like what’s going on like I don’t
want to be a parent if I can’t tell my
my son that he’s not a girl I don’t want
to have kids man you know they don’t
give me kids if I can if I
can’t tell my kids that if I can’t show
my daughter you a girl if I can’t tell
my son he’s a boy then I don’t want to
have kids then and that’s the problem
like it what’s going on in the society
is going to prevent you from procreating
you’re going to they’re gonna get you to
the point where you just you shook and
you uh that’s it I don’t have listen
that’s the whole the whole first of all
I don’t want to get too deep but the
whole goal with all this LGBTQ 2k and
whatever what everyone talk about it
the whole goal at the end of the day is
that in the age of consent to end the
age of consent so we can be freaky we
can have sex with toddlers because it is
easy you’re going too far left slow down
please don’t go in that drink I’m sorry
but that but you know I’m done I’m just
aw I love the problem you are calling
with the random stuff and I just I’m
done I’m done okay if you see buck wild
on his Brooklyn streets tell him to turn
himself in all right Thank You Mia okay
Oh some random shit buck-buck wall said
any rocks until I drop that’s what he
for those who care and I had a
conversation with him as I always do and
I said listen man you know we you know
I’ll help you out when you’re out in the
world but once you go inside that’s it
niggas are living good in inside the
jail living great inside just want to
say that area code uh five one six good
evening five one six eight either no
problem six cleaning are you there five
one six Yes No maybe
was in a bad phone area code seven to
zero good evening are you there
7200 scar hey hey I’m in the building
med thank you for answering my call okay
you know it’s a nice topic is honey oh I
did I looked at it about the outpost
thing and just be honest with you I mean
I’m I guess I’m gonna get disrespectful
right now for a second cuz I’m like try
not to go too far left with the
profanity just okay I’m not I can be
disrespectful in that case okay so I’m
late okay so don’t reason why that the
public knows about our poll is because
camera played the role so we had so we
had another african-american that had to
bring that road to life that’s the only
way we could see it and relate to who he
was and how he impacted the underworld
in the underworld game but ultimately
when we talk about you know this is
somebody who’s not necessarily
considered an african-american they took
down African Americans after he snitched
at the end of the day he’s the only one
that’s out here they can tell the full
story about what happened and he’s
living to tell about how old you Sam
were you calling from why are we I’m
calling from the a ok Colorado I’m 30
okay truthfully and I don’t say this to
a you know to co-sign you know all the
the Harlem nonsense but the movie Peyton
full only assisted this this huge street
legend within the entire New York
tri-state area that movie did not react
if you ask me I’m 55 you know that did
not really reintroduce Walter it
reintroduced the the alp whole story
rich Porter yada yada yada but because
of the way Alpo or because of the way
rich Porter was killed his younger
brother the story already had legs if
you ask me now you have you always lived
in Atlanta
right no so I I went to Atlanta one time
that’s another story I can’t really
explain me why I went there
that’s a whole nother story but what I
what I tell us you know telling old on
oh yeah like that as I say yeah I can’t
I think you miss all that but but you
know when I went out to the a like uh
you know it was a Colorado or Lance you
keep saying the a Atlanta I mean I’m in
Aurora Aurora Colorado
you know you heard about it man we had
the movie thing yes you know okay yeah
you know it’s getting strange out here
right now and uh you know just buy the
whole just buy the whole impact of you
know the solar output thing you know
damn I why is everybody talking like
this outputting like why is he getting
so much glory right now when all of our
black man had took in the fall for his
gold niggas love the nonsense no come on
you should know this by now come on come
on I mean come on about what ladies the
man is sitting here he’s living right
now after what he did I’m like man this
three shit but he don’t got no respect
don’t everybody had Nova Street for us
no respect for the streets no more
you’re absolutely right but I’m just
giving you a little background with us
what you’re saying also can I ask you
this other topic um if a man doesn’t
touch a woman for three days that does
that mean he’s gay hell no man see I got
a girl from our trust 438 thank you I’m
gonna fuck her can you take it easy on
the profanity please yeah yeah that’s
real man man I hear like really make you
were a hard-r date you don’t want to be
doing all that work right now you just
don’t like girl why don’t you do
something why do you have a question for
the caller Ronnie I think I said all I
need to say to him Ronnie all right
thank you sir you have a good evening
thanks for the call yeah oh
okay I don’t believe him whoo okay that
was a curveball Ronnie I saw something
on a flag TV here Tamar Braxton says men
are gay if they don’t touch you for
three days
well I think that’s absolutely
I guess she starved for attention
because really I mean why else would you
say something like that via a
now-deleted post that showed shut up in
the IG stories yeah cloud chasing maybe
she was you know on something didn’t
know what else to do put it up and she
took it down yeah yeah three three six
re they’re grieving three three six you
from New York you said now right right
do you care about this Alpo directed for
a read apologizing we are we beating a
dead horse here okay we’re gonna go man
don’t you think being a little streak
Donna yeah but I mean I’m not a father
so I’m trying to choose my words
carefully you know I I hope she flips I
hope she flips yeah you know how like
kids like their parents be strict on and
when they get a little bit of freedom
they get well I hope they don’t turn out
to be her man okay she’d be like look
should be like Laurence Fishburne I’m
going to warn ya she’s out there she’s
really out there yeah I think you gotta
be careful with there okay okay any
thoughts about drink being booed off
stage do you give a damn Drizzy nah man
they one to be all Frank Ocean man I
don’t want to see that name
okay thank you for checking them out
thank you thank you a lack on a check-in
mmm hold on a second Ronnie I might want
to shift gears I don’t think anybody
cares about Troy weed apologize this
clouds all clothed okay hold on a sec
I’ll bring one more : then we’ll switch
it around area code two one – good
are you there – one – what’s up man hey
Queen what are you doing hey what’s up
is this the Queen split are you going is
this vegan again what’s going on with
you being Queen foot man how are you
been a while it’s been a while you sound
good you look good when you guys get a
lot yeah I’m down here in Atlanta man
what was shaking them popping what’s
going on with you I I hollered at you a
while back or what is the young lady’s
name is it is it uh okay you guys are
doing a comedy skits and you were
pushing her over what is her name again
uh they stays funny as hell what else
she is yeah that’s you change your
number you in Hollywood you change your
number I sent you text welcome back to
me give it up please the yoke numbers
anyway um you know I might man you know
this Apple see what am i Harlem use a
lot of confusion man like a lot of
chicks a lot of stuff going on Suze my
language he’s running around Harlem of
course there’s a lot of taking pictures
with people that talked about him I
don’t know what I don’t know what’s
going over there you know about a week
or so ago when the when the trailer came
out I said I would love to see
Alpo on a Queens flips couch and also
love in hip-hop that’s where it belongs
men yeah you pop and when they get pop
and like Jiffy Pop he belongs on your
couch have you spoke to Troy Reed are
they gonna arrange that or what or is he
a hide no he’s waiting
the documentary crap before he does the
press what I heard right
so that’s what’s going on as far as that
but um just a lot going over this Apple
thing is a very very sensitive subject a
lot of people I don’t think anybody
really like the trail I think you’re the
only one that spoke of objective
standpoint but everybody was like I
don’t know man and I was you know so a
lot of people I don’t know I think
people from New York who appreciate you
know in my opinion like you know the
Harlem lifestyle and the flash and the
stuff that goes with it I think that him
describing how he shot according to him
how he shot rich in the head because
rich startled him I thought it was a
little too much have you gotten any word
about the the personal feeling from Alpo
or I read have they said anything was he
just said no well I think they saying
that Apple has the Instagram sort of the
Instagram for the guys being he’s Apple
and he comes into the live chat on my
Instagram but that’s about it
um I just know that the family of the
other side really serve the way a lot of
people are upset man they feel that he
opened up old wounds but right you know
I stay out of that man I just I just pay
attention from afar you had you have to
get into it never mind staying out of it
you you have to hang on a second do you
think Troy Reid was pressured Queen’s
flippant with regards to the apology was
he pressured come on you would know I
think initially when he did it I think
that he he bit of mourning it through my
personal opinion I don’t think that he
expected the feedback to be like that
you remember him and I hope and
communique and says outpolled of the
concentrate right right so Apple gave
Tory’s Apple gave Tory read his word and
you know he kept his word I don’t think
I don’t think that Troy we’d expected
there’s a lot of backlash that was great
do you think Troy Reid put the trailer
out and and now he’s he’s lying saying
that it was leaked
I think he did it now he’s trying to
cover his tracks
I don’t know about that I don’t know how
it how would it get leaked
so I read you know you know that you
know that oh come on sabe you know that
old Gustave it got leaked but let me
guess they got it as email with us I
fuck with Troy I read heavy but if we’re
talking about like you know where we are
right now in society and people you know
trying to plan it you come up we’ve seen
people like you know put put out footage
pictures and then lie and I don’t like
calling people alive but you think that
he could have done it now he’s he’s
feeling the pressure
so my putting up cause I think I think I
think you I think you could have done it
you ask me I think that it could have
been done intentionally I mean that the
whole thing about afro even on on this
on my channel when I do interviews and
it generates a lot of traffic the
algorithm became the Apple name is a lot
of traffic too right so in fact I think
that it was it was a him trying to
capitalize on a move and and I think
that it backfires it happens it happens
to everybody okay you know I don’t think
that he thought it through but it’s
apples version I didn’t see the apology
where’s the pilot yet and see it if you
got a real gully TV he’s got the apology
and a couple of other sites but our
gully TVs got it
you focal gully okay I’ll go check it
out okay huh do you fuck we’ll go you
guys cool gully TV no no I don’t know al
listen right now I think you’re the
interview King Queens flip right now
you’re the interview thing you pop and
anything you want to promote what’s
coming up in terms of interviews we got
coming up we got camera coming up in
okay well I wish I’m excited about and
I’m just trying to take it the TV man
that’s a man I’m just taking the TV the
next big interviews came on and you know
like I said if alpha wanna sit down you
know we we opened the doors for him but
it is a very suffering touching topic I
see killing camp pop and he’s a good
nigger killing calves poppin yeah he’s a
fizzle Taoiseach real quick come on come
on come on
a lot of people I just interviewed on
there but a lot of people will gain that
means about yo could you put the word if
I saw where did that come from
yeah yeah yeah I forgot to ask it can
you shoot her a text and say I’m here in
Atlanta I’m so trying to holla can do
that for me
I could watch people at it people were
sending me emails flick and act me that
up with the word for thought flip flip
I’m as serious as colon cancer I’ve been
trying to holler at and I say that
respectfully to Walker you know just say
trying to holla man I’m here in Atlanta
she’s still here I’d like to take her
out for coffee can you make that happen
I can make that happen all right thank
you me good to talk to you um shoot me a
text me a good time all right
I got no G money I said what’s up tell G
money I said salut okay
Queens flip on the check-in guys yeah
he’s popping a quiet room on YouTube in
case you don’t know oh and I’m sorry you
know guys I didn’t mention where you can
see the Troy Reid apology we’re gonna
put the link up under my video over here
but also you can go to real gully TV
Ronnie can you confirm that can you um
give your laptop or funny I want to make
sure I know gullies got it sure Queens
flipped getting so much guy dear money
he’s he’s not even getting back to text
messages Stace
oh she’s funny as hell good looking
woman – I love her voice salute to all
everybody over there of Queens flip King
face shampoo Lansky salute to all those
guys all right I have it
okay okay so guys you can go to the real
gully TV he’s got the apology right
there Troy Reed apologizes to Alpo and
the porter family okay okay hang on a
second Ronny you just sent me email
what’s going on here Atos versus FBA do
we need to talk behind the scenes of
what’s going on here
that is a Yvette Cornell I guess she’s
addressing Tariq’s commentary someone
like she’s live right now oh shit okay
okay hold on a second let me get more
calls in here area code 305 good evening
305 we have to speed on some of the
topics we’re talking about tonight other
than P I hate her I’m not just the TI in
the hymen issue
white boy Jesus and good evening could
be a voice how are you Jason
chillin chillin chillin listen I love
that show you went all ham on algorithms
I wish the god I wasn’t working for that
one great show for that one what can I
give you my direct number didn’t I give
you my direct number to howl at me uh on
the weekends that’s what I did no you
know your boss hogg when you’re ready
I’m here no words okay listen I’ll shoot
you my number on the week is it listen
you and I should talk behind the scenes
so I can give you just a little bit more
how to frame you know some of the
conversations yeah the algorithm is
crazy absolutely yeah
what’s going on the wise man I get it
anyways just chillin just children just
watching some sports Raptors manam
Clippers play today okay Hawaii’s facing
his own team the Raptors just just some
showing out are you saying hi to Ronnie
or is it an issue I’m hoping FEMA on the
line no no there’s never any issue hey
Ronnie all right so Jason are yet to
speed on Troy read the director of the
Alpo documentary apologizing or is that
not something you care about it’s not
something I care about here respect with
me I’ll talk about the TI you sure I
just never liked him as the rapper I
just felt what he was doing with a
little too much of his daughter but okay
come on what the hell can you do these
and what another caller said that girl
responsibly I’m gonna go by the
algorithm that girl very trees and when
she gets older any any person who has
straight parents will tell you once
you’re free and though and the cages are
for your head 18 you do you do triple
the time to go wild in the pain for for
all the time you’ve been held up okay so
Ti is ironically shooting himself in the
foot of this more than he knows but it’s
key I am bad life decisions you know
I’ve never said that the guy much my
love for Appetit
okay never I felt I felt you know the
Atlanta movie gave him a little bit of
slack is one album his collapse of
Timberlake but other than a rapper and
you know he hangs them close to Jersey
so much just to give them cloud and it’s
a bad look let’s listen you guys the
King of the South
Jason are you yep this meet auntie eyes
I never got the catalog white either
I never understood why Luna respectfully
is the king of this house for me but I
could be you know respectfully I know
we’re gonna fuck around and I’m a
suburban white boy but watch the f-bombs
please slow down slow down
oh god your country’s even that bombs I
got but yeah Luda Outkast so many other
people are king of the south Paul Wall
swim thug I can pull my rap game I have
nothing affront about the TI just a
loser loser to me and all the stories I
hear okay anything else you want to
chime in on Jason before we are shift
gears or what know if you want to do
game tournament just let me know
but other than can help gaming honestly
if I can just cut in for a second I mean
I’m so swamped down here my ps4 is
sitting right there I’m looking at it
it’s got dust on it I just I haven’t had
the time
Ronnie was that you sent me you sent me
so epic card and I just haven’t even
activated that yet I’m slacking on the
ps4 yeah weird fader up here that’s all
I’m here if you want to run some actual
game tournament no offense to Ronnie and
her ps3 ones I doubt you for the current
time but if we want to go back that’s my
let me go to super Chet hold on Ronnie
that’s amazing sends in a super jet I
start how can people complain about a
conference being 50 bucks if you can’t
afford 50 bucks work overtime at Taco
Bell okay and so you’re taking shots at
somebody from another YouTube platform I
don’t want to do that I try and promote
everybody you know just
I’m in a great place thank you for your
donation that’s amazing RJ supreme sends
in a super chat some of us are black
unfortunately I have to share both
ethnic and race with Alpo salute to the
machine okay
also rj supreme says hater that caller
that claimed Alpo is not black is
incorrect hispanic is an umbrella term
used to classify spain former colleagues
listen if you if you speak spanish
that’s fine that’s fine please don’t
confuse yourself of being Spanish if
you’re here in America thank you for
your donation coke close to 3m says I
hope kid harmless don’t laugh like that
and if in a face-to-face battle they’ll
come off as food and top tier battle
rapper will smack that sugar out of his
tank okay SGS says good to see you no
longer partake in Aaron oh okay being
ease breaking in entries okay okay this
is pretty graphic okay what happened to
okay he’s referencing the young lady
from my book haven’t spoken to her in
years maybe seven eight years good woman
good woman I don’t know I don’t know
thank you for your donation Bush kid on
the check-in says a happy better ins day
to the Fallen and those serving now
giving me the right to say that the ti
is the most unintelligent rapper ever
and Trump wins twenty twenty make
America great again
okay black racist on the checklist says
I don’t agree with ti but I understand
where he is coming from nobody wants
their sister daughter or mother to be a
whoring slut let that sink in okay hang
on guys we’ll bring some more calls in
Ronnie anything else we need to put on
the table a flush out am I forgetting
anything this bullshit
I was just basically trying to look at
the comments over there to see what try
to get an idea of what Yvette Carnell
was saying in response to I don’t want
to promote the drama Ronny I don’t want
to do that you know just that’s not
right you know it’s not where I want to
be you know I respect Yvette tone and
Tyriq but if people to go there and
check that out you know that’s fine but
I don’t know I don’t add to it hold on a
second hey Sal thank you for your
donation he said Troy Reed might have
got pressed it’s a possibility I’m not
gonna dump on the guy he was good to me
once upon a time again and I’m I don’t
know if he’s still along with his son
chase they owned the sneaker pawn shop
it’s good guy though Troy Reed somebody
said a white boy Jason had a good
argument with Luda over tea i okay and
Nomad Nick wants to get back on the line
hold on a second Nomad Nick only for you
this one time only feel you want to jump
up about Tamar Braxton
we’ll be going yeah with the Tamar
Braxton thing you know I can understand
why somebody wouldn’t want to be around
her for three days because she’s
starting to look like one herself start
a little I could do herself with all
that plastic surgery I mean if you could
you if you saw her from a 15-foot
distance from the three shots from the
three-point line
you would think that universally she was
hiding a Willie Bobo you wouldn’t know
but maybe you know maybe her dude is
actually straight and he’s actually
scared that you know he’s starting to
build an attraction – you know – sure
that’s it you know I’m saying like yeah
have you seen what she looks like these
everything is natural man yeah yeah I
don’t look natural they don’t look
natural so I mean maybe he doesn’t want
to touch him because he’s gonna say he
he’s keeping his eye on the little
pretty thing that still looks you know
natural no man that could talk to you
again Thank You Man thank you he checked
in again
Polson guys nipping in every code – OH –
good evening – OH – Troy Reid has
apologized for the insensitivity with
regards to the Alpo documentary snippet
are you there
do you care area code 202 waiting points
no waiting patiently is here in
Washington DC waiting patient a what’s
them have you
you know ya know Washington DC the home
of where our Pope came and ruined the
whole lot of lives man um the way I see
it right I mean I don’t think it’s our
position to speculate about things are
uncertain you know I mean I think that
we should just take it for face value if
the man said that he apologizes take him
at his word and he apologized and we
should just move on simply home now with
our word look at are some things kind of
like okay consider how you know other
people have platforms and they’ve you
know um encouraged a lot of out pose
discussions and it’s like revisiting
this whole stuff is like well I think
the main reason why everybody’s so
uptight about him particularly is
because he power pole has some type of
connection and he physically was with
him and he put him on the camera nut I
mean and I think that is and then also
the visitation and the explanation of
you know okay this is where he got shot
this is where nothing like well Gary he
from the one who hit who really uh you
know shot up a little rich yeah III DC
yeah he’s the one that shot alcohol I’m
sorry pardon appointment he shot Mitch
Porter twice with the 357 if I remember
why admit after that he said he’s heard
him still breathing and he finished them
all right right you know I’m saying
and at some point Alpo had little Gary
killed yes Adam shitting on himself
you know cuz you know out pull any like
that man
and I know people who know way very
persons like this you know if they in a
big city
they dragged a little Gary’s body into
the woods naked yes I’m here it’s all
coming back me all this nigga shit it’s
coming back to me you know she’s cut all
the other wild stuff right you know it’s
a real life you talking about here these
are real people these are I mean you
know like these like when I’m coming
from an angle of DC see a lot of New
York do something y’all really a DC
dudes talk because we’re coming from a
whole different angle and you know we we
we this story is still and iisten from
there cuz cuz gotta keep the mind this
is where he played he came down and
played the mystery it was barely the
miss it was cool people there and these
are people that I was you know I will
see y’all but at the same time I’m
listening to the old G’s I’m listening
to the people who already to me telling
me stories and it’s like as nothing all
these people know these people in DC I
come home hang on a second if I can jump
in now back in the early 90s from 1990
until 91 I was a national director of
alternative R&B for Virgin Records so I
used to go back and forth to DC down
there to Howard University and and I
remember the the feeling of the guys
down there they just they would press
you if you were from New York I mean
they they just weren’t feeling yeah they
were feeling New York people yeah I
remember having to tell somebody quick
I’m from Jersey not New York yeah yeah
and it’s still like that today I mean
you know New York and DC with the war
you don’t say it’s a lot of niggas in
New York who die down here man Oh a lot
but at the same time I miss a lot of do
from New York to came here and you know
there’s a live and made money daily aids
like our podium seldom SEO or a lot of
big names I’m saying they and they
connected and they came respectfully but
you don’t say most of them do not kill a
lot of dude that could you know kind of
certain swag yeah what they think their
day on the top and when they go
everywhere they don’t
realize what they go on there and they
tried to give killer care network to
shot him up but what was he’s driving
something dumping a steal at him hit him
in the shoulder and arms yeah you know
oh man I would say like I see it
when you talk about DC camera he think
that it see it’s funny because these
people from the DC perspective right now
something like my man told me he knew it
would be a day something but when you
come up from and see that stuff could
trigger back to New York and then the
others can fire you in DC and hang on so
you just say your man is the one you
shot Killa cam you just said that well
feel free to snitch come on can you give
us a name please give us a name who shot
kill again well I hope you I go by the
cycle of the white I see you got much
okay killer cams shooter ever been
apprehended but you’re saying you know
who shot him through the doing your
man’s in them you know chata
I don’t know personally but like I said
in in my in my knowing I know that
that’s not a DC hit that’s what I’m
trying to explain to you I got there he
thinks are now taking screenshots pay
attention and that’s what I’m trying to
say is like a lot of people be thinking
old happen DC niggas do that cuz they
happen in DC now it could be your people
in New York they came down ain’t DC and
– I appreciate the cost – lets you and I
have a conversation off the record see
if we can get to the bottom of who shot
killer can because I never even heard
about that person being apprehended but
you know some type of way to track that
person down I thank you for that
thank you yes sir okay all right
startling his jail be holding a hold on
a second boss you wanna me make sure I
got his number right here hold on
talk my new shop killer wait a minute
okay Wow yeah it’s niche network we hard
at work
hang on a second Ronnie hold on I gotta
go to super chat every black racist yes
I did thank you sir for your continued
support coke thoughts at 3:00 a.m. says
100 Acre Woods there’s a dark-skinned
boricua with black lips that’s making
beats – okay okay
she’s going to price-match your beats
okay thank you coke thoughts at 3m okay
now red gem star okay and hate is enough
that was from the other day hold on a
second Ronnie Dana with the smoke where
are you Dana hang on a second Dana send
the emails Dana can you call it in and
not turn up too much okay Danny amping
shit up oh okay well then if you want to
call and shoot me a text but I don’t
want to promote you no no no no tension
like that
Dana would smoke on the check him is
labelled labelled sends in a cash yet
mmm nigger star finally got decent
headwear on t eyes sucks okay talking
about the Eagles yeah man I’ve always
read Philly come on come on you’ve
always seen me in a Phillies ur hats the
Flyers Eagles come on man thank you sir
for your donation hold on a second okay
Ronnie you sent me something on world
stuff what’s one our money so the rapper
little dirt confirmed that little
Reese’s okay because I think by grave
condition was interpreted to mean
sort of like touch-and-go but it looks
like he’s okay okay are you a little
Dirk fan at all you say you don’t really
know too much about little bit about
little Dirk
I can’t tell you about any of the Lil’s
except a little baby just a little bit
about him okay you you never heard a
little goat loader from you in days loaf
of my Beyonce onions right I don’t I
know you like these lows but I just
don’t like her why are you hating she’s
weird to me no she’s just weird it’s
like just be who you are
stop you know playing this game if she
isn’t she I just I don’t know she’s just
weird to me so you don’t like her bars
or you you’re what I love her voice I’ll
say that and I like some of her bars
days lows no yeah I mean her voice is
different it’s very unique it’s not like
really anybody else that’s out but I’m
just I’m not really into her whole vibe
I’d rather listen to young MA or you
know I’m just hang on a second okay
Elvis’s Shep Rosenberg leaving sir okay
thank you for the cash Shep I don’t want
to get in the middle of that thing with
Tyreke nasheed and ATO West but Thank
You Man thank you I try to you know
promote everybody I’m just too old to do
that you know I just I’ve been in such a
great place you know over the last
decade if not more and you know I think
I’ve done enough of that over the years
you know just amping shit up thank you
neighborhood watch good evening sends in
a super chat neighborhood watch I’m
gonna start sending cash apps okay let
me look and check on super chat neighbor
to watch hold a second where are you
where are you I do not see you via super
chat I’ll take the time I see um sugar G
respectfully F Alpo he killed a kid and
was only able to get out because it was
it wasn’t a white kid and f80 okay
stalking reckless video s unless they
get something hashtag I want minds
okay how opposed did not kill rich
Porter’s younger brother if you say that
then they’re gonna come in come at me
all y’all get it right get the facts
right but thank you for your donation
that’s amazing sends in a super jet star
who would you choose to have a threesome
with from this list Elizabeth Warren
Kamala Harris aoc Katy Hill Kamala
Harris she’s a good-looking woman but
not my speed AOC she runs him out too
Elizabeth Warren is a she’s all but
thank you for your donation
that’s amazing says check the video I
emailed homeless and guys I’m looking
for the video I don’t see it
somebody did it 43 glad TV okay I’ll
check that out after the show right now
I just want to focus on what people are
saying with regards to tonight’s topics
okay mmm Wow somebody’s a store that
nigga from DC was talking way too much
snitch networking full of fact I got to
pull out of these nigga sometimes he’s
talking Andre uh good evening sir
sluiced oh I’m calling in from area code
347 hold on let’s get you on the line
seven nine five four
any tags that you good evening anytime
hey how you say look good evening
yeah I don’t know why you get
notification that you’re so sorry but um
it’s a conspiracy against me yes are you
go man I first find out about you from
everyday talk about me I’m from New York
I’m just married then no you all right
seven but I am below okay now you say
you say you’re gonna pimp some holes you
trying to knock some off I didn’t catch
hey I’m not finding for me nothing I’m
just a little bit like okay hey YouTube
– I’m doing at home 21 day detox you
guys come on up oh yeah nimma YouTube is
on bang x ba and GGG IME and I just
posted this on second detox got video
and it comes with meal planning as well
I break down like Lucia tallies with all
the vitamins and minerals and everything
you know well hang on a second stay with
me is it bang bang time videos that’s
you right there
yeah yeah and you geez hold on a second
hold on – geez I just see a Ronnie you
there was bullshit Ronnie do you have
time Ronnie can you check this guy’s em
good Eagle thank you oh yeah all right
so you’ve got three subscribers and
you’ve got two videos yeah yep okay so I
appreciate the donation maybe we can put
this link at the top of the comments or
something like that tell us more tell us
about this your page I see you’ve got
some type of papers you’re writing
what’s going on here yeah man um I do I
do research because I are they like
degrees or anything I was you know I
want to be a doctor
I’m based in cardiologist but I I can’t
sit there at school 15 years so I I like
I’m interested in like herbalism or like
natural run reason but for my therapy
and things of that nature so Kyle just
didn’t get a whole bunch of books and
just learning those disseminate
information so I can help out other
people you know how old you and where’d
you get this knowledge from oh I’m 23 I
got interested in it because my grandma
almond Jamaica’s used to chew the
herbalist you used to hear a lot of
people’s use even home help a lot of
people had prostate cancer and stuff
like that curing them so I was like this
is like real powers and stuff because I
learned most about her when I once saw a
funeral and that’s when a bunch of
people came out and they had a bunch of
testimonies I was like wow this is like
real well Melissa knows I could be
talking to the to the next doctor say be
so uh I appreciate your donation hang on
I’m gonna bookmark your your page here
and I’m gonna post this at the top of
the other comments all right yeah no
spent the money is doing getting my bear
up and thank you man really do i watch
you old okay have a good evening and
I’ll post it at the top of the comments
all right hold on post it Ronnie a young
man on the come up I could appreciate
that you know you might be the new dog
to say be whole in a second okay who’s
your son okay thank you for this email
whoever you are I would look on time
that’s okay I don’t think we’re gonna
have a long show tonight today is
Veterans Day in case you’re just now
joining the show we spoke earlier and we
saluted those from the Armed Forces
here in America thank you for your
service okay
RJ supreme I got that one
okay cook thoughts SDS Bush kid black
racist okay I got all these I got all
these okay cash app just came in desi
and Dave hey does he and Dave thank you
for your cash absolutely do you are you
guys on YouTube see if I can find you
Ronnie ever heard of desi and Dave say
no no no what is that I don’t know they
just sent me a cash that I was gonna see
if I could Google them twisted twisted
tales TV maybe that’s it twisted tales
TV thank you for your arm cash yep all
right doesn’t Dave I’ll check you guys
out after the show okay and star this is
CFO filming piece all right Thank You C
F thank you for your alright I think
we’re done for tonight
flush down some of these topics I
appreciate your uh your support ain’t us
wouldn’t mention as we close down no
just I’ll say it’s Veterans Day so I
want to say salute to Christopher Dorner
you paid the ultimate price
and yes I thanked him for his service
all right I’ll talk to you tomorrow have
a good evening okay you take care okay
I’ll see you guys tomorrow possibly
tomorrow afternoon tomorrow’s Tuesday
and I’m not sure about a show tomorrow
night so I’ll try and get one in the
afternoon in terms of research okay let
me get mr. Schuyler Saunders banner up
first big supporter of the Machine and
you guys have a good night
be safe take care

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