Al Harrington on Getting Cussed Out by Coach Larry Bird for Being Late on His 1st Day (Part 4)


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Part 3:
Part 1:
In this clip, Al Harrington spoke about his experience with the Indiana Pacers, particularly being coached by the legendary Larry Bird. Despite the awe-factor associated with being one of the game’s greats, Al explained how his relationship with “Larry Legend” got off to a rocky start beginning with his tardiness to the rookie introduction press conference. He also talked about Bird’s coaching style, pointing out that Bird managed the game and left the X’s and O’s to assistant coaches. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

was a crazy experience for you for the
Pacers oh I guess I want to go with
experience is just going to the finals
in my second year you know I’m seeing
like seeing with that felt like you know
I was a close eye of a guy that was
coach coach bird records like yes 18
you’re coming in you have coach Larry
Bird right like this is a guy that we
looked up especially looked watching him
playing like how did that feel for you
they so it’s crazy right so obviously
was supposed to be like the greatest
experience ever right and even though me
and Larry was you know he was solid but
I got off to a bad start with him from
day one and what happened was I got
drafted the next day obviously fly you
out you know it’s to do your press
conference and everything and I had this
guy that was my manager over time he was
a heavyset guy uh guy right so I’m
staying literally at the Marriott at the
Newark Airport so I’m staying right on
the airport so whatever any mistakes it
not bro is like a it’s like an 8:00 a.m.
flight to Indianapolis I wake up you’re
like 6:00 6:30 you know we go downstairs
too you know and this is before over and
all this right so you go downstairs
expecting the cab down there’s no cab
right so like whatever so but we right
at the airport so I’m not tripping I my
suit everything I’m ready to go back the
cab comes and he can’t fit in the cab he
can’t get in the cab door what right
that’s so instead of me just believing
him I wait and so they can bring my kind
of a van or whatever so long story
showed me we get to the airport we’re
running the lady is coming out and
closes the door and you know the plane
is still sitting in my mother’s like
calling me on my cell phone she’s like
where are you cuz they fool my parents
out so my mom my dad so they already did
they were any on the plane and they just
accent like we are you we are you and
I’m like y’all outside they won’t open
the door I’m sorry sure they leave I
think it on the next flight so I was
late for our press conference and when I
walk in the room Larry Bird is Sydney
he’s like red he’s like he’s so annoyed
we’re all he’s like so annoying like I
walk in and the first thing
means like the one thing I’m not gonna
deal with is people being late
like stuff first thing like he’ll say hi
welcome to the team
nothing I don’t play that don’t be
late and I’ll just like I did
the press conference and I just felt
like I never had a good relationship
with him did you apologize like once I
did I’m just like and but hit anyone
there that he’d like I don’t keep like
don’t be late and that’s how you ran the
team no like I don’t know we you know
like if guys was late you got fine if he
was late for the plane they closed the
door on a plane we left him you know
what I’m saying he played I guess that
was the one thing his pet peeve how was
he as far as definitely putting the
plays in the coaching tonight so I was
like well if you like were like this
guy’s just out there just yeah he was a
manager of the game right so he never
did like I never once ever saw Harry
write an X in the hole on a boy on there
being a nothing all he did was manage
the game you know what I’m saying
it’s funny like how now all this low
management and all that that series
watching you know Dale and Tony oh they
all in their 30s and why we should do is
low warm-up drill thing we’re like we’re
doing some days for 30 minutes straight
like before we even start practice like
just this layup thing waiting for like
30 straights a full court thing and
Larry would just sit over there and be
eating his Danish and coffee just doing
this or whatever and nobody says nothing
like you know and just we would just do
it and then we would break down into
practice you know what I’m saying but to
answer like your question like was he a
coach yes I’m he managed the game never
alexinnz rick carlisle ran all the plays
a guy named dick carter which is crazy
pause he said dig harder than Carter he
said Carter he was i he was i he was our
defensive coach and that’s kind of how
you did it Larry just watch the game and
if you was messing up or whatever he
snatched you out the game shot the game
so you managed the game

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