Al Harrington on Being in Same 1998 NBA Draft as Vince Carter, Vince Still Playing (Part 3)


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In this clip, Al Harrington speaks to Coach PR about Orlando Magic calling him out for a workout and getting the best of Penny Hardaway, who he says gave him props afterward. After calling him back for another workout, Al thought he was going to Orlando in the draft and he was shocked when it didn’t happen. He went on to speak about being drafted by the Pacers and the OG vets on the team, including Reggie Miller, making him do all sorts of grunt work, including carrying their bags and getting them donuts and juice every morning. To hear how he feels he was given a foundation and important lessons through the experience and feeling like players don’t get that today, hit the above clip.

In this clip, Al Harrington speaks to Coach PR about skipping college and going straight to the NBA, adding that one college did offer him money. He went on to speak about not having big dreams to go to the NBA, but feeling like he had a rare opportunity that he had to seize. During the conversation, Al also spoke about having a great rookie class, including Vince Carter, who is still playing in the NBA after 21 years. To hear more, including undergoing 14 surgeries during his career, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I got moving I went to Al and Orlando
have you played 505 what would you play
against the way against penny that’s
what us again I kind of got the best of
penny well I wouldn’t see the footage of
this promise you the first workout we
went and like penny even gave me
prostate he was like yo yo fell you got
game you know what I’m sayin
it was crazy like and I’m sure a penny
wasn’t in Game seven
my eyes just working out but you know I
really you know I was getting Bucky’s
yeah all I’m saying it and they called
me back for another workout after that
you know and I’m saying and I throw it
but leave in an hour Orlando was a team
that was gonna pick me they pretty much
told my team my team or you know my
agents and stuff they don’t work out for
no other teams it was gonna draft me and
the ended up not dressed there’s a
reason why they didn’t try to you know
the gym in his time at that times name
was John Gabriel I’m running to him you
know obviously a lot of times throughout
my career and Holly times a hack said I
always wanted to ask some like why
didn’t he pick me but I just never had
that stack somewhat the guys they picked
was like they picked Michael d’olier and
picked back hard print and I think they
picked Michael dickerson no no cameo
because that was Houston but yeah they
picked those two guys and whatever they
go for you know Matt are piranhas got a
really good career Michael Dooley
echosounder this world and everything
happens for a reason no reason in ten
days I got drafted by the patients I
phases my toe people all the time like
you know going to a veteran team like
that B being like literally a baby on
that teen year compared to like all the
guys that was there you learned a lot
from them yeah they told me told me how
to be a pro guys I think that because I
got that foundation in my first two
years being with them it allowed me to
play 16 years like that right I got I
got 20 and if I wanted to write around
I’m saying and you know I think that one
of the things that you know in the
league right now especially the league
man so young it’s like the blind leading
the blind
yeah that’s one of the things that kind
of hurt the league sometimes I need to
yeah the older guy leadership’s telling
you about all kind of life things
especially at this level because you get
so much money in happens so fast yeah
I’m saying that you’ll ask somebody you
experience telling you that it’s kind of
hard to learn and you’ll crash on
claiming the horrible hard way right so
you are named Gatorade and USA Today
National Player of the Year right before
you got drafted right and then you get
drafted drafted by the Pacers now you
drafted you playing for the Pacers he’s
sitting on the bench with Reggie Miller
and these guys a whole bunch of vets on
there how does that go with how did I
feel playing with the Pacers now it was
cool I mean they uh it was hard on me as
a rookie man they used to have to go get
the cars clean which was cool so I was
driving all kind of Sonic’s give me that
first experience with that but do you
know I have to you know get donuts every
morning or orange juice on a row or at
home I know we still AM in certain
cities to be freezing I have to take the
bags off the plane lady to do luckily I
had to deliver bags you know once we got
to the city I had to bring them all they
practice gear take they practice gear
after practice drop it off to the
training room did you fight that did you
will you like Lube our stomachs I was 18
so he was just saying lemon and being
right you know you all know no better
right you gotta remember too you got so
many vets like you know like I had super
vets yeah things would tie you up right
you know I’m saying like you know G
super vets ladies young guys now is
young teams respect you think about it
Dale Davis Antonio Davis tell you to do
something that’s what the game has just
changed now you know you just don’t have
guys like that anymore the locker rooms
to me so I’m telling you some about it
is just fun and it’s just like it makes
you feel like you earn some you know
because now when you do it to the
younger guys you feel good cuz you know
what you went through to do that you
haven’t seen to get to that point you
don’t understand
I don’t know tradition is awesome you
could have actually done that in college
and carry bags and stuff like that but
you just let you know what let me just
go straight to the pros and I’m sure
that because I heard somewhere that you
uh some I offered you money right yeah I
mean I could’ve went yeah one of the
schools offered me some money to come
come to school I don’t know for me like
I know what I was doing bro I didn’t
have but pseudo I’m saying like I didn’t
have hoop dreams like that like I didn’t
grow up like wanting to play in the NBA
like all that shit happened really fast
and I’m saying it was like one of those
things were like the reason why I chose
a GoPro to be honest was like everybody
else tells them one the country went pro
I might as well go pro – if anything
that was my main reason to be us I know
what I’m saying I was like and of course
in my mind so I was thinking like I
could do something you know a lot of
people can’t say that they did and I
also can say that I did this in three
our jerseys like well from I guarantee
like you actually like this he made it
yeah I think I can’t get pic nothing
like it with me play the chordae just
everybody picks a past you didn’t like
anyway our played as if they weren’t
enough people bro when I’m saying like
literally no I can’t beat my mother and
I was a sophomore high school my mother
had a hoop you know what I’m saying like
that’s how bad I was you know what I’m
saying it’s a thing in three short years
you know dang no time forever
they having the number one play in the
country and a first round pick in the
NBA is just crazy
that’s great okay so now you play a foot
of paces now and you stayed there for
how many years later our first six years
for six years
18 year old plenty of the first six
years and you’re playing against these
grown men playing against there any good
memories great memories that teams that
you’ve played I mean against well I mean
you know you know I always remember I
was the offensive outputs right so you
know I remember you know playing really
well my freshman excuse my first my
rookie year against like the Charlotte
Hornets you know
blessed day Anthony Mason I was giving
him some words burger you got some work
there’s no monster matches it’s a beast
and obviously Mason was – I’m gonna
playing really good against uh Carmelo
and game and you know he was like you
got a little game with you so you know
and obviously as a ricotta and play a
lot you know we was there was me a guy
named Mark Polk and Austin Crozier
so what they was doing with the three of
us was that we were rotate on and off
the injured list so back then like right
now in the NBA you go off and on every
game right and whatever he’s on an
injury reserve you had to be on for five
games so I would play five out of every
15 games for the most part all be active
but I just kept rotating this guy
Martinez – oh yeah us three or whatever
to be on the active roster so you know I
didn’t play a lot but you know mine a
the next shit coming in you know what
I’m saying I was I was focusing on maybe
Charles on the admittance which I did
man you came back the same year with uh
Vince Carter yeah miss Carter pump ears
don’t know this ski rush are you Jamison
those guys that’s a that’s a great group
right there
now we had a good class knows there and
right Bibby yeah you know
tractor-trailer god bless his do yeah we
had we had a nice animation we had a
nice little crew Cuttino Mobley yeah now
to see Vince still play now it was 20
years now when you say you said it
yourself you could still you could play
I did I mean not now I stayed in shape I
could play you know what I’m saying a
our bodies over-fitting
yeah our bodies are machines bro you
know I’m saying you could train your
body to do anything you know what I’m
saying for the most part you know how
much talent has to come in you know what
I’m saying but for the most part you
know I think Vince could play another
two years if he wanted to if you notice
if he just keep his body and shit and I
think one of the advantages that he had
over a lot of us that stopped playing
already is that I don’t think Vince has
ever had like any major injuries
no I’m saying I think that hopes we’re
gonna have to go onto the knife anybody
think things like that that gives you a
better chance for longevity did you have
major injuries yeah I’ve had the I’ve
had 14 surgery on my knees my shoulders
my hand my back I had a bunch of side

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