A$AP Rocky Speaks On Previous Black Lives Matter Comments


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Da Baby on twitter (00:11)
Chet Hanks (Tom Hanks’ son) speaking Patois (01:17)
Shaq and Kobe versus LeBron and Anthony Davis (03:37)
Antonio Brown launching record label (04:49)
Kanye West wants Sunday Service to go global in 2020 (05:49)
A$AP Rocky on Black Lives Matter comments (06:31)

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#ASAPRocky <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

this is the report with Angela Yee on
The Breakfast Club well right now the
baby is on Twitter and he’s has some
things to say about social media about
an hour ago he said if social media
wasn’t such a lucrative tool in the
business I’m in I wouldn’t even be on it
lost souls influenced by lost souls I
hate to see it I encourage people to
have the courage to find themselves
without the false sense of security they
search for on the Internet he said I
always prefer to say less because social
media ain’t a place for the truth but
lately I’ve been feeling like it’s my
calling to say more I don’t know how I
want to play it though I respect my mind
too much to allow myself to be
identified as one of these internet MF
errs and he said I’m like that for real
the internet so lost they think if n
we’re to say something with substance he
said bitch I’m good
God just moved me to send out a message
this morning don’t send pity where it
isn’t needed just soak up the game for
what it’s worth it may not be worth
nothing at all I mean listen when it
comes to social media just don’t read
other people’s comments you know read
comments from people you know and if you
post something it doesn’t matter what
people think about it just say it and
keep it moving it don’t inspire who is
supposed to inspire absolutely and he
said let me go back to saying less
before I scared MF is away so that is
what the baby is getting off his chest
right now now let’s talk about Chet
Hanks that’s Tom Higgs son now he was at
the Golden Globes and they’ve been doing
a lot of detective work trying to figure
out when did Chet Hanks start speaking
past a while they said they’ve never
heard him do this before now he did put
out a rap song previously back in 2015 I
think was it Jamaica song no it was a
hip hop song and he also did use the
n-word in a video and at the time he
said he uses that in real life amongst
his black friends who get me and can’t
nobody tell me I can’t say what the f I
feel like no disrespect to the struggle
of black people during the civil rights
movement but it’s 2015 now this is back
in 2015 he said that well he posted this
and Santa Deena does my makeup she’s
Jamaican I just need her to read this
for me so I don’t say it wrong all right
so you got a say in the mic in the back
standing anywhere
all right so read the first one big
so this isn’t real pets well bigamy wall
family soon come at the awards now
season and Julian why can’t we hear it
Jamia can people not talk like that
bridge in make a big of a stop to them
things they’re all right well here’s
here’s what he said along with his post
we go pick up the whole island massive
it’s a boy chetana
coming straight from that Golden Gloves
oh our tail we didn’t fight at all my
position and our watch so far what come
we go tune in I love it dropping a clues
bombs for champagne chance
champagne chives mine don’t care Mon
don’t stop – the Sun now far as Gump
when asked what was going on and he set
the whole social media fire because
people are like what is happening he
responded to everybody’s confusion we
respect your dunno so far but I got a
close bond for the double down I love to
double down with champagne chance mine
don’t care Mon don’t scream
mine is the son of the cast o we all
right now Shaquille O’Neal he was on The
Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and
he was asked about who would win at SU
on sue game if it was he he was with
Kobe Bryant against LeBron and Anthony
Davis at their prime right so if it was
a 2-1 to Kobe Bryant and Shaq vs LeBron
and Anthony Davis here’s what he said in
your prime do you think you could beat
LeBron and AJ you and Kobe do I know I
like having these conversations because
of course they can never be answered but
yes the answer is yes yes I think Shaq
and Kobe could be brought in 84 because
the question is who’s gonna guard him he
said what old head in me says Shaq and
Kobe Shaq at the weight but if I’m using
logistics I’m using logic I’ll have to
go LeBron and Anthony David cuz Anthony
Davis plays on the outside he can shoot
three-pointers like it would be very
hard for Shaq to shack up with a kid’s
dad why would he was
that happened when you can just take him
off the dribble and shoot three points
from the outside why would he play the
postgame with Shaq yeah but when Shaq
plays offense he’ll back him down a dunk
come on every time no one can guard me
so that’s probably that’s true in the
paint but I don’t even think if they if
they play it back you know man I used to
play when you get the ball back if you
score oh yeah hey might not get the ball
Anthony LeBron might keep the ball he
might keep scoring all right now has an
exclusive from a hip hop calm Antonio
Brown is going to be launching his own
record label and he’s looking to sign
some artists in early 2020 so that’s
right now and if you’re an aspiring
artist and you want su science a Antonio
Brown I guess that’s a possibility now
here’s a snippet in case you need to be
reminded he has a video for this as well
the song whole lot of money everything
else I radio nowadays clearly not well
he said many people don’t know my story
a lot of people don’t know I got shot in
Liberty City they don’t know my
struggles or my past the media controls
the story and music allows me to write
out a narrative mm-hm so that’s his
plans for the future he’s doing this
label he said the label plans are to
grow as a business and continue to put
out great content for the culture all
right Kanye is planning for a Sunday
service to go global that’s the plans
for its 2020 he wants to go ahead and
bring his gospel movement to Europe and
Africa to start so that’s his sole focus
in the new year he must have bring the
Word of God to people via Sunday service
as y’all know he put out that Jesus is
born gospel album that was right around
Christmas time and he’s been doing these
sunday shows weekly and he’s gonna be
doing at Yankee Stadium in May with his
choir with Joel Osteen and so he’s going
to be doing those unexpected locations
if you guys would call he popped up at
Skid Row and did it there so that is
Kanye’s 2020 vision board okay all right
I’m Angela Yee and that is your remember
part I want to hear to ASAP rocky store
Oh ASAP rocky all right well he said
rocky recently did an interview with
Kerwin Frost and he talked about
a lot of different things like when he
was locked up in Sweden he said Meek
Mill is actually who supported him me I
was talking a couple people in agencies
like you know yo bro it go to show that
you know it can happen to anybody in
that whole experience more so than ever
it kind of just you know had me in jail
thinking like and mom was all wrong damn
maybe it is my fault like you being
solitary confinement so long no windows
nothing did you have Lysa – you got like
four like it was it was um daytime
there’s 22 hours of the day yeah I’m
saying I wish I could have slept all day
you got it really stick you through that
yeah like on some mental institution
interview uh Kerwin frost I want to hit
it all right in addition to that he
talks about the black lives matter
movement and a lot of people were
critical when he got locked up because
they feel like he wasn’t actually the
type of person who spoke up for black
people or black lives matter and even
brought up the Breakfast Club interview
he had I’m only losing then I’m speaking
back to people in a like yo you know the
states everybody going crazy the
president and then you got people you
know black Twitter they brung up some
that you said and I like saying you
don’t really care about the hoodie like
that you know not I thought I addressed
that before in the past just to be in
jail hearing people still trying to stir
up somewhere didn’t having it then I’m
hearing like you’re Charlemagne came to
defense I’m saying a person who would
who would literally was just like yo
y’all gotta have a minor yeah
perpetually wacthing
I didn’t say it quite like that but uh
he got it yeah actually I actually what
I said was you just can’t pick and
choose when you stand against injustice
right is Right wrong is wrong it can’t
be based off who you like correct like I
don’t care what ASAP did I said in the
past and injustice anywhere is a threat
to justice
everywhere period you can’t be a
selectively social justice warrior
because it’s not about you it’s about
the issue all right well I’m Angela Yee
and that is your room of report vote
we’ll see you tomorrow everybody else to
people’s choice mixes up next let’s go

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