A Rise In Men Being Drugged & Robbed By WMN Is Happening Across America But Who Cares?


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guys there’s a story that’s going around
and I think that story is important
because it’s something that’s going on
in Nashville for those of you who don’t
know there’s a situation that’s going on
in Nashville and it’s a crazy story and
it’s a story that my girl would would
like and my girl being cardi B also it’s
a story that we’d only talk about if it
was mr. Bill Cosby in Nashville ladies
and gentlemen they’re a bunch of women
going around drugging men
it is an epidemic of men being drugged
and robbed we’d love to talk about how
women are being drugged and taken sex
but nobody ever talks about the amount
of men who have been drugged and robbed
by hose spray some news
so I’m turning some of my your this is
got a story right here I’m gonna talk to
you guys about it it’s a story about not
Nancy Pelosi but about women drugging
men in Nashville Tennessee we’re gonna
let these people talk about it and then
I’m gonna read more to you let’s go
ahead and get in it’s got to be quick
and I think you probably like short to
the point sweet news stories anyway
let’s go police are now confirming to
news 4 investigates they now believe
women are indeed drugging men and then
robbing them this is the story you’ll
see only here on news 4 let’s get the
latest from her chief investigator
Jeremy Finley tonight tracy we’ve now
confirmed since the NFL Draft a fifth
case of a man reporting to police that
he was drugged but this happened just
last month and police are now telling
news 4 investigates they believe women
are coming from out of state to commit
the crimes the last thing John Walsh
remembers is taking a drink and talking
to an unknown woman at the diner
downtown but this latest report since
the NFL Draft
of a man being drugged and robbed had an
even worse ending for this Massachusetts
man on November 19th after police found
him asleep in the lobby of a hotel where
he wasn’t staying he was arrested for
public intoxication
he awoke in jail for being targeted by
women for the first time metro police
are confirming they believe women are
identifying male targets these women
know that they’ve got a pretty good
place to go hunting we’ve had some that
come from Memphis we’ve had some that
come from Wisconsin we’ve had some come
from Minnesota all the men who say
they’ve been drugged
no the question you’re probably asking
is it possible that you just had too
much to drink and someone took advantage
of you
never in my life I do no drugs but it’s
charging the criminals that’s proving
even more difficult while police have
arrested some women for stealing four
men after a night of drinking have you
been able to charge any of these women
with drugging someone not yet the
problem wall says is that he should have
been taken to the hospital not Jail so a
blood test could prove what happened to
him and the others I feel totally
violated by many ways I feel me all
right the commander of the downtown
precinct says if they appear intoxicated
and can’t communicate and they aren’t
having a medical emergency they’re taken
to jail and not to the hospital so by
the time someone comes forward and says
they were drugged not drunk
the drug may be out of their system the
potential good news in Walsh’s case the
diner did turn over video that
investigators say could help them make
an arrest in his case Tracy that is
bizarre Jeremy Finley thank you so much
for reporting this and we’ve reported on
the safe bar initiative here in
Nashville certain bars who’ve agreed to
it and post stickers marking them as
safe places because their staff has been
trained to spot trouble they also have
coasters where you can test your drink
and see if there’s a date-rape drug in
it so something to keep in mind you also
need to know the term angel shot
all right the sexual assault center is
behind all this training and their
training even more bars to listen for
that word angel shot if you feel you’ve
been drugged especially if you’re on a
date go to the bartender order an angel
shot that’s a code word to let them know
something has gone wrong all right
ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna point
something out to you and I bet it’s
gonna bother a lot of you listen to what
the question was once someone said that
well that’s an old thirsty man how many
of you guys have been at the bar and
just talked to people who were there you
could be married and you’re just talking
to the people you’re not thirsty
it’s just when women come up and they
talk most men will buy him a drink we’ve
been taught especially his age chivalry
and it has nothing
the man was trying to fuck someone you
just be at the bar and you dog how many
times have you guys seen me take my
camera to the bar and you’ll see me sit
there and talk to the people at the bar
I’m not trying to fuck them I will just
talk to them I enjoy to having the
conversation when I’m out with people
they I mean I’m trying to screw them so
if I’m sitting there drinking and I buy
this person’s drink and she’s being real
friendly I turned over and do something
like this and she drops something in my
drink number one number two when a woman
is drugged we never say she was out that
being thirsty she got what she got so
let me get this straight
a man gets drugged the first thing we
ask oh the first thing we say is he was
too busy being thirsty a woman gets
drugged she’s a victim no matter what
the fuck she was doing second thing they
asked him are you sure you didn’t just
drink too much do we ever ask women that
you guys don’t see that the one of the
first things that men said not women men
was to jump on the men and make fun and
make light of the situation that a man
went through the first thing we did as
men was make fun of the situation that
men go through
we can’t even blame women for how fucked
up society treats men because men treat
men the exact same way they follow the
lead we don’t believe that a man can be
a victim we laugh and joke at his ass
while these whores were running around
hollering oh I didn’t know how to keep
Russell Simmons dick off my shoulder cuz
I wanted to be a record exec you men
wants to end up for other men the man
said of then said hey I was just in here
having drinks I wasn’t at the fucking
club I mean I wasn’t at the hotel with
the bitch I was at the bar and you still
look at him as he a dummy when we marry
a bitch that use us we are dummy for
marrying a bitch that used us when we
have a baby by a woman that ends up
being a gold digger
what we done we should have protected
our dick this is how we talk to each
other men this man came from
Massachusetts was just down here having
a good time like normal people
he got it arrested for public
Walsh said that his debit card and
credit card along with at least $500 and
his phone were all stolen walls provided
a screen grab that shows how he was able
to track his stolen phone which traveled
from Berto to Murfreesboro at one point
back downtown to Nashville Metro Police
Central Precinct commander Gordon Howry
confirmed that investigators believe
that the women of targeting needs me in
downtown it’s a thing that women are
doing this so again you go online these
holes tell you that phone is out and you
give them money your dumb ass give him
money motherfucker hit me up the other
day tell my son I need I’m not lying to
you bitch hit me up and said I want to
make sure my daughter has a good
Christmas can you give me $300 then got
mad that I didn’t respond to her because
I didn’t look at it then got mad that I
didn’t respond to her said you could
have just told me you didn’t what I said
hold on motherfucker when have you ever
given me any money because I needed it
hell when have you ever given me
anything hell I was trying to if I’m
trying to buy something from you would
you give me a discount on it nope so
you’ve got to realize how women look and
then here’s a question how many other
men you think she said I need $300 I’m
trying to make sure that my daughter
have a good Christmas how many other
motherfucking me and you think she said
that too but I got daughters am I not
trying to get make them have a good
Christmas am I not trying to make sure I
have a good Christmas
it’s Julian’s fault Tasha you said
that’s bold
oh no that’s common with me that’s
common with me everybody got a fucking
and women are smart how many of you men
had these women tell you they need to
over somewhere the car broke down they
need they’re smart they’ll ask you for
60 70 80 dollars something real small
but they know if they ask for something
real small from a whole bunch of people
because there’s a lot of niggas like
that is just thirsty it’s fucking Bank
did you give us $50 $60 $70 she gonna
get you something yeah she gonna get a
cold shoulder until you need it again
see they don’t need a hundred mean to do
ten is good
these women every time there’s an
all-star weekend you guys see it they
promote that they’re going to all-star
weekend to throw their ass at the plate
the players am i lying they do it every
time the basketball wherever the
basketball all-star weekend is holes are
going they’re being packed with their
car to be rape kits knowing that when
these men wake up from being robbed they
can’t tell anyone because all they’re
gonna be is looked at as somebody
thirsty some athlete can’t have his name
besmirched so the women can do whatever
they want you don’t want your name
besmirched you don’t want to be looked
at as a joke so you’re not gonna turn in
this whore who just robbed you
watch the all-star weekend this year
holes are gonna be on there telling you
there’s my hole that asks for money to
get to all-star weekend and niggas give
it to him
they started GoFundMe to get to all-star
weekend you thirsty niggas will give it
to him that’s another story

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