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okay so we got one known informant
now listen New York City I’m saying he
was sitting inside an exclusive gangster
disciple meeting thumb that included 22
G’s and he overheard some things some
shocking grimy slimy things though we
need to talk about it this known
informant build everything told
everything bro he said that 22 G’s was
pretending to be my friend I’m saying
after that whole blinky situation he was
pretending to squash the beef but in
reality this guy is saying information
that there are toronto g DS spit in my
block went blinky is 24 hours looking to
get sticky both worldwide spotlight
because said 22 G’s looking for you bro
nigga said 22 G’s well why looking for
you bro sup bro nigga said everything is
spinning them blacks bro lookin for you
bro now say what just fine which is all
cool you obviously didn’t hear the
blinky song bro you need to hear the
blinky song
when I see you it’s old G waste my
product to see if he has something to do
with this because according to og waste
man he squashed a beef with me too
with that whole 22 G’s situation you’re
selling blinky shirts I’m gonna reach
out the 22 Jesus um do you I’ll reach I
trained to G’s and I’m gonna show him
cut straight through geez don’t even
know you are know what you’re doing so
when trade to cheese get a hold of you I
guarantee you you will get sued bro
I mean the blinky niggas that stopped
running with a Blakey man and they said
stop playing with the actin stop playing
with a sick man the blinky niggas and on
yo ass man stay tuned to the worldwide
Kali Klub
YouTube channel to find out how shook I
got the opps
yeah I’m saying I thought these guys
shook bro remember what happened with
all that waste man I try to evening Jose
take anymore and it’s all respect is all
love but I don’t want to do no beef I
don’t know how to do that
video subscribe my channel when you hit
that subscribe button make sure you hit
that Bell button if you don’t hit that
button you’re not gonna know exactly
when this is going down I’ll be back so
keep checking the channel I got two
videos coming up nuts you’re not gonna
get your notifications so keep checking
the channel rap shit then I’m done I
can’t wait to smoke up and demate bar I
call my g-wagen Soulja Boy watch me

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