85% of People Are Using Credit Cards WRONG

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The majority of people are using their credit cards wrong – either they have credit card debt and are paying interest or they are not using the perks they get from their credit card. Here’s how to use a credit card the right way.
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85% of People Are Using Their Credit Cards WRONG
0:22 – Either you hate credit cards or you love them, there’s no in between but the majority of people are not using their credit cards the wrong way
1:01 – You’re using your credit card wrong if you’re spending money you don’t have in your bank account
1:57 – Credit card are a tool that amplify your spending habits
2:20 – You’re using your credit card wrong if you never redeem your credit card rewards
3:31 – You’re using your credit card wrong if you don’t know what perks your credit card offers or your credit card perks suck
4:25 – Now I look for credit cards with high cash back with one exception for travel credit cards
5:08 – You’re using your credit card wrong if you have too many credit cards – I have a personal credit card, a travel credit card, and a business credit card
5:30 – You’re using your credit card wrong if you’re not using your credit card like a debit card
6:10 – You’re using your credit card wrong if your credit limit is too high
6:58 – You’re using your credit card wrong if you don’t know how your credit card works or the bonuses it offers

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