50 Cent, Russell Simmons DRAG Oprah over new Documentary "Why is Oprah Going After Black Men?"


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#oprahwinfrey #50cent #russellsimmons <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s that family music mogul Russell
Simmons boss checked Oprah Winfrey on
Friday in an Instagram post for her
recently announced Apple documentary not
much is known about the documentary but
what is known is that Russell Simmons is
a target I won by the name of Drew Dixon
claimed last year that in 1995 Russell
raped her this is what Russell had to
say to Oprah
dearest Oprah you have been a shining
light in my family and my community
contributing so much to my life that I
couldn’t list a fraction of it in this
blog I have given you the gift of
meditation and the groundbreaking book
the power of now we bonded to say the
least this is why it’s so troubling that
you choose me to single out in your
recent documentary I have already
admitted to being a Playboy more
appropriately titled today womanizer
sleeping with and putting myself in more
compromising situations than almost any
man I know not 8 or 14,000 like Warren
Betty or Wilt Chamberlain but still an
embarrassing number so many that song
could reinterpret or reimagine a
different recollection of the same
experiences please note that your
producer said that this upcoming doc was
to focus only on three hand-chosen women
I have refused to get in the mud with
any accusers but let’s acknowledge what
I have shared I have taken and passed
nine three hour lie-detector tests taken
for my daughters that these stories have
been passed on by CNN NBC BuzzFeed New
York Post New York magazine and others
now that you have reviewed the facts and
you should have learned that I know that
these thiry’s are unusable and that hurt
people hurt people today I received a
call from an old girlfriend from the
1980s which means that they are using my
words evidence against me and their
commitment all of the claims are 25 to
40 years old it is impossible to prove
what happened 40 years ago but in my
case proof exists of what didn’t happen
mostly signed letters from their own
parents siblings roommates band members
interns and in the case of two of your
three accusers their own words in their
books shocking how many people have
misused this important powerful
revolution for relevance and money
maybe you should name your documentary
flavor of love in closing I am guilty of
exploiting supporting and making the
soundtrack for a grossly unequal society
but I have never been violent or forced
myself on anyone still I am here to help
support a necessary shift in power and
consciousness let us get to work on
uplifting humanity and put this moment
and old narrative behind us so what
Russell is saying is none of these major
media outlets believed in his accusers
story he said that the documentary is
fake it’s not credible because new york
post turned it down CNN turned it down
NBC turned it down BuzzFeed turned it
down but Oprah the black woman decided
hmm here’s a successful black man and he
has a salacious story here of people
accusing him of rape none of the other
major outlets will take the story even
though their viewership and life’s
demand stories like this they don’t
believe it but I believe it
I’m going to go for it you know what’s
gonna happen
okra is going to get hurt in wake-up
call real soon you want to know how I
know that she’s going to get her end
wake-up call because after they use you
they abuse you 50 cents came out in
support of Russell Simmons prior to
Russell Simmons Instagram post 50
winning on Oprah about her interview
with Michael Jackson’s accusers and also
her friend Gayle Kings interview with
r.kelly 50 seems to think like a lot of
us that Oprah has it in for black men
here’s what he said on Instagram I don’t
understand why Oprah is going after
black men no Harvey Weinstein no
Epstein’s just Michael Jackson and
Russell Simmons this shit is sad Gail
hit our killer with the dead blow
documentary every time I hear Michael
Jackson I don’t know whether to dance or
think about the little boys butts these
documentaries are publicly convicting
their targets
it makes them guilty to proven innocent
straight-up I understand why Oprah is
going after black men because she hates
black men she’s been told by her
handlers to go after black men she has
been given the job like Gayle King
Stephen a Charles Barkley to go after
successful black men specifically they
do it because if the other executives
did it people would immediately call it
racist so what they do is they say the
things that these executives these
racist executives can’t say
that’s why she did this it’s very clear
what’s happening here i’ma tell you
something I would not want to be Oprah
Winfrey’s friend but nothing in the
world she has shown you how she’ll turn
on you all hooked up with Michael
Jackson all in the man home the man
invited her into his home several times
she all in the man’s house
Oh Michael’s just loving all giddy over
as soon as the man died she got
documentary on bringing his accusers on
her show giving him a platform to spread
their lives then she hit up Russell then
this is after she got attacked and gave
a fake apology on the Michael Jackson
thing not she coming after Russell
Simmons but Russell Simmons seems the
heavens act together he seems to have is
this defense ready 50 is right the
documentaries whether there’s any truth
in am I not they really are convicting
publicly convicting the targets human
beings before they’re given a chance to
come to a decision in court like he
watched the documentary all he mustered
in it they said he did it must have did
it even if you didn’t do it them just
putting it out there is now making
people look at these guys with a certain
amount of suspicion not cool not cool at
I’m gonna wrap this up with not just
Oprah not just Gayle King but for any
one of you out there doing the biddings
of your oppressor
trying to tear a black man down your
mama should be embarrassed in your daddy
should have pulled out no more

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