50 Cent Clowns French Montana For Buying A Used Bugatti


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Lil Fizz and April broke up, unfollowed each other (00:10)
French Montana and 50 Cent beef (00:30)

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#FrenchMontana <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

this is the mobile report with Angela
Yee is now that April and fizz have
broken up and that’s because they
unfollowed each other so you know what
that means normally one person on
follows the other person something must
have went down so we don’t know exactly
what happened but after all of that
drama and their relationship looks like
things may be ending or taking a break
who knows maybe they’ll get back
together now here’s two people that will
never get along it seems like French
Montana and 50 cent the two of them have
been going at it for quite some time now
it all started with French Montana got
out of the hospital out of ICU and
bought himself a new car now he got a
Bugatti mm-hmm
Andy why don’t you break down this car
for us cuz you know I don’t know about
cars like you do yeah he bought a
Bugatti Bugattis a dope car he paid out
over a million dollars for the car his
dope is worth four million dollars it’s
a Veyron it’s not the the newest model
that came on which is to shine around
but it’s still a million dollar car all
right well he said a little gift to
myself for like a boss move like a bus
and taste like a boss lol and then he
put hashtag nipsey blue motivation use
only and 50 cent then posted a picture
of himself in the hospital with a bunch
of stuffed animals around him well
French Montana started throwing taller
people start saying I’m on all
you people out there I’m the first one
in New York with it writing with toilet
paper for the suckers correct now 50
cent posted a picture himself in the
hospital he said I’m in the hospital so
sick of em words that’s a 2010 what is
it a very run they run huh
Veyron man you should have just got the
uber app on your phone is 2020 shy Ron
man put that BS back on that truck and
French responded if you don’t take your
jean shorts with ass she needs in that
two-tone do ride back to Connecticut to
that haunted house that you had to drive
two hours there and back every day from
New York which took Christmas and Alaska
cold as hating on a young N word that’s
a two million dollar Bugatti with no
miles collector’s item boy you a
dinosaur only 50 second make you feel
stupid for buying a million-dollar car
but like that I bought this
million-dollar call I still feel a
little crazy good alright then friend
said tell the world how you paid for the
Takashi six nine life story you thought
I wasn’t going to find out and then 50
cent said I just got the papers don’t
your life play with me he got an effing
60 month loan on oh wait it would be
2025 when you out that car power in
three days all of that and we still get
to promote that powers back on and I
didn’t watch that last night by the way
so it was actually great marketing for
the new season of power now then French
Montana posted a picture of what looks
like 50 cent kissing Eminem by the way
I’m in the background on that picture
also obviously that did not happen to
you yeah and he said back to back again
who’s that 59 couldn’t even get a
Bugatti after that dinosaur and it’s a
photoshopped picture so for everybody
who thought that picture was real it’s
not a real picture and it goes on and on
but then 50 cent has accused French
Montana of faking streams right and here
is what friends had to say about that
when I hate going to work they start
telling lies baby go keep buying my
streams and telling them I’m faking
streams I checked on it the oil coming
from New York I did my homework damn you
man if I vote I got another thing for
you two I got that girl that heo booty
when you was writing that power script
for five hours all right well then the
young woman who according to French
Montana was doing the booty hole
munching that’s the girl Selena debt
that says she slept with so many
different artists now I don’t know if I
ever believe anything that these young
lady says but here’s what she said it
was like in a roll and I was like where
I mean you know what I do best
oh my god she was like you know go down
and I was like um okay and now she’s
probably one of the biggest cloud chases
in a decade she’s also the one that says
she had a baby went off said and then I
found out she was lying that’s that’s
that woman man she might hear this and
try to do something to you
I know but I’m saying and she may if she
made it up and then she goes oh so yet
so that happened and then French Montana
I also put out a song nobody better
leave Vicky alone just like there’s some
things you just don’t want to do the
song sounds dope
leave 50 alone you guys are a
millionaire’s arguing about who spent
how much money on its own above my pay
this is above a pay grade 50 cent posted
a clip from an interview that Pistol
Pete did where he’s talking about you
know French Montana being soft and all
of that this was on the premium Pete
show here it is he’s my little man from
down the block he used to be scared for
years running around scared macho Joe
gonna smack me you know cuz I kind of
fatty and you know this used to be he’s
a paranoid scare guy and I was always
his friend you know I was my little man
you know Florida he’s calling me he got
all this straight jury and all that yo
Pete I’m already drunk on me could you
please take me to the hotel
yo let’s go get the guys go pick him up
bring him to the hotel me show stuck
them in you’re good yeah well let’s see
these two guys are arguing they’re both
rich and let me tell you the facts the
facts is yes French Montana did buy a
used Bugatti the facts are it does have
some miles on it
the facts are is not a brand new Bugatti
but there’s nothing wrong with not buy
but buying a used but got a still a
million dollar car facts are 50 cent he
has no no no loans on his cars he buys
his cause straight outs the fact is that
they’re beefing over nothing yeah I
don’t even get it the things that a lot
of us can’t afford you don’t mean
somebody give me a used Bugatti I’ll
take it I’ll take it in a minute all
right and I just want to shout out to
Nora he just texted me he did this five
hold on is it a 5k 5k
what’s a 5k run over three miles three
miles no yeah so I don’t know he did
like the 26 mile war I’m not gonna lie I
thought he ran a marathon you
Noorie sent me pics no he says they
don’t know he did a marathon marathon
I’m not gonna hate on or ignore your
congratulations but the guy Minori we’re
on the same team in this running
competition and we was doing a lot of
miles during that time so it’s good to
see nori back running again he got on
the full gear workout I did they ki ran
a marathon
yeah I thought he ran he went ok but
that’s still an accomplishment
he ran three miles just like 3.1 maybe
nori did that back in the day when he’s
running from police he ran around
through I thought you did a 26-mile
marathon nori he got a medal oh my
goodness all right well that battle what
is you got me I almost posted it to like
congratulations on nori with the whole
marathon that he did it did he run the
city he did it did he run his army on
the ready no he ran around a block
without the nori man

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