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We know school can sometimes be very stressful and nerve-wracking, this is why we have prepared many fantastic school hacks that will help you do better and have fun while at it. Some subjects can be incredibly hard if you can’t remember the right formulas for the exam. You don’t have to worry anymore, in the video we show how to make the smartest cheat sheet with a coke bottle, an eraser and even a paper cutter. Now you can get the best grades!

How about when classes get boring and you just want to check your phone really quickly? There is a way to create a hiding space for your phone in your notebook so that you can use it whenever the teacher is not watching. Also, you no longer need to put your backpack on the floor, getting it all dirty, check out this video where we show you how to create a chair hook that can hold your backpack while you are in class.

Finally, if you have an old pen, which you love, but doesn’t work anymore, we have the perfect hack for you. With the help of a blow-dryer you can bring your pens back to life. If you want to find out about more school DIY hacks, click on the video and enjoy!


0:09 – Coke bottle cheat sheet
1:12 – Notebook phone storage
4:03 – Hide your phone while studying
4:52 – Backpack chair holder
7:11 – Easy fix for your favorite pen
9:44 – Rubbish-free pencil sharpener

We advise adult supervision and care at all times.


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