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You can make a lot of amazing creative crafts out of old stuff! Watch out cool tutorials and learn with us. Today, we prepared an ultimate collection of amazing DIYs for kids. They are easy and so exciting, that I promise that they will leave you in awe!

The first craft is really cool – you will love it if you like reading. You can make cute bookmarks that look like lovely animals. All you need is cardboard, scissors, and your imagination! The coolest thing is that you can make one bookmark for you and another one for your friend or a family member.

Another cool bookmark will require some basic sewing skills. You’ll need a ribbon and a button for this craft.

Don’t put ribbons away – try to make a cute notebook design. You can follow our DIY notebook tutorial and surprise everyone in class with your creativity and imagination!

Paper is perfect for crafting. It’s cheap and available everywhere. You can make many cool crafts from paper – we’ve made a cool paper kite that actually flies by itself! Another awesome paper idea is making a cute elephant who spreads his trunk every time you blow in the straw!

Watch this video up to the end and see how to turn boring shoes into a designer masterpiece.


01:03 – Basic sewing skills bookmark
02:58 – Cardboard bookholders
04:43 – DIY foam cup for plants
08:29 – Puffy paints
10:41 – Paper kite


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You can make a lot of amazing creative crafts out of old stuff! Watch out cool tutorials and lean with us. Check out these DIY educational tutorials and tell us in the comments which idea you liked most (you can also make a lot of cool presents for your friends and family).

The first craft is really cool – you can learn numbers and colors with kids using pattern match cards. It’s a cool way to learn basic concepts. You can also teach and learn colors using color matching popsicles out of felt and wooden sticks!

Another color-matching game is sticking tails to bunnies! It’s s cute and very easy to understand even for the smallest kids. You can make another cool DIY color matching game using clothespins and cardboard – looks like a real palette with brushes.

Did you know that if you cut a toy dinosaur into 2 halves, you’ll get an awesome phone stand from one half? Do you like keeping things in order? If you take a bean bag chair cover, you an put all your plush toys inside. This is how you solve 2 tasks – you clean up your room, and keep things in order, and you also get an awesome chair.

There are many cool crafts that you can make out of old toys – for example, you can make a ring using a doll’s head. If you have an old teddy bear, you can easily turn it into a cool secret stash for goodies or money…or whatever (nobody will ever find out)!

You can find a lot of amazing ideas for kdis in this video – even Christmas ornaments (for example, a cool paper bag star) and decorate cute objects for Christmas table!

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